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Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Am A Wanted Man

Human Ethnographer
One of The Largest Collections 
I Am A Wanted Man!

Illegally Hacked By UT
 Texas Not NSA
My Communications By The State of Texas 
April 2009-01-12-2014
Monkey See Monkey DOD
The Texas  Governor RICO Perry 
Hacking Top Secret Classified Federal Government Materiel and Sharing The Material at Time of War Complete out of Context Encrypted
He Has Been In Your House Too!

Google Crime Job 31.0.1700.73

04-09-2009 / 01-14-2014
Rick Perry Is Going To Jail
And You Thought It Was NSA - Wrong!

The Things I Find In My Own P.C.

The Things I Find In Me!

I Am Somebodies Big Brother
Money? It is a Gas!

Something Old Something New Something Blue