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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who Cares?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Looks Like Its Was Up To Me Myself and I Proven Track Record

Just Give Me The Keys I Will Fly My Own Protection
 Over My Own House

Hack attack

Or What Do Hindus and Hebrew Share In Common

 That's ok I was in operation before the and After P.C. your outdated 

I Raise The Bar With My Track Record
by the Alamo House of Death

Data Miners Month of Doom 

Some Things Are Worth Killing Hackers for Snowballing My Summer Vacation

Snowball Left His DNA Robotic Digital
French Fry Signature in My Hacked files
Never Underestimate the Power of A Good Story
Snowball Left His DNA Robotic Digital French Fry Signature in My Hacked files. Mr Ed and Whataburger Established Corpus Christi Texas Hong Kong Jewel On The Gulf
Corpus Christi Scam Keeps Snowballing The Federal Encryption Manipulation Way 
Corpus Christi is Texas Hong Kong Jewel On The Gulf
Omnipresence "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide"
Private Security Investigative Intel Can Be Bought At Any Price True or False
Medina The Birthplace Larry Curly and Mo
Snowblind "He Only Had A Dollar To Make To Next Wednesday"

Metadata Links Points To Personal Digital Markers 

Obama Did Not Fire Bush Babies That Still Work For
 The Veterans Administration

"Obama Selects Staff for Both Sides of The House" January 2009

Monday, May 26, 2014

Somebody Is Always Watching - Me

That's Me Myself and I
Solid State Declaration of Ind'E'pendence 

That Day Has Come!

"You Cannot Enslave A Man Willing To Give Up 
His Life For His Freedom"

God Bless America!

As my eyes look for a way to circumvent the barrier that blocked public access that I enjoyed as a boy, for a photograph of the historic marker followed the bottom of the fence upwards over the spiraling razorwire  penetrating deep space, aware of my tiny insignificance in the whole of things; heeded the words that Mary had said, “Somebody is Always Watching.” 

We Will Not Rest Until These Treasonous Person of Public
Trust Are Put Behind Bars So They Cannot Harm Again
They Are A Known

The Miscall By The FBI That Put Me On The Surveillance List

Nobody saw this coming not even me, things were indeed just the way Mary had told me, “Somebody is always watching” - the domestic surveillance program developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation led by J Edgar Hoover, would justly identify and link corporate criminals with Chinese espionage as the real enemies of the State.

The 911 Act speed and impact of destruction to global economic health could not have been possible without the incorporation of private security firms and databases or computer applications that were hard wired to favorable responses without an audit trail or any quality assurance systems that once required human intervention.

Total reliance of computer applications gave these private firms or any illegitimate State Militia the disastrous ability to access payment for goods and services without competitive bids or worse, corporations where paid for not providing any services at all except for “accounts receivable” and “accounts payable”  tied to automatic payments from the federal government. 

Many of these firms and government organizations used blanket covers of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot Act. The 911 Free-for-all spending act justified funds and triggered automatic payments without an audit trail or auditors.

The best software applications of today or tomorrow will never break through the linguistic sound barrier of binary associations- to know is to be human. Without a doubt, computer devices that produce artificial Intelligence are useful tools for mankind. Likewise, as recent history has shown, artificial Intelligence has proven to be a very good slave but also a very bad MASTER!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Benghazi Exclusive If Only Hackers Have Access Why Not Law Enforcement

"Peering Into Deep Space Wondering About
My Tiny Insignificance In The Whole of Things"
Threatened, Burnout, or Bomb

I Am Not a Journalist I am a TBI Note Taker 

Concerning General Petraeus, I don't know anybody who is living at the street level of the United States “The reality of things,” gives a dam who is going to bed with who, if your life is threatened by CIA covert operations funded by Senator McCain and signed off by the very Senator of my home state Texas, I went to for help!
A Message From General Houston
"I Urge You To Keep Working With The FBI"And I Did

As sure as sun come up this morning, and others witness it thereto, I am a victims of three terrorist attacks. One of those attacks was while I serving as Deputy Warden to the Consulate General at the street level directly connected to the reality of things. Senator McCain’s political statements, concerning the Benghazi Attacks that discredit the impact of mob frenzy opinion, incited by Anti-Muslim videos, credible media sources or presidential debates, is politically motivated and completely disconnected with the reality of things.

Here go we go again with Republicans leaking classified information. United States Citizens “DO NOT HAVE A NEED TO KNOW” the detail of any action made by anyone concerning National Security Breaches until after a completed investigation has been made. 

American Patriots, If you truly have concern for the four dead in Benghazi, then you should have a concern for the safety of thousands living and working in the very communities politicians lit the flame [FLAME Texas Not NSA Reading Your PC 1999 Include Your Pay, Contracts, and Sealed Bids in Texas] of anti-American sediment to gain a few extra votes!

Most importantly, Senator McCain is responsible for not only what he says but his action and inactions as a senior member of  “Intelligence Technology Classified Department of Defense Discretionary Spending.” Does he have something to hide about Benghazi? 

Could it be, Senator McCain handed off the George Bush blank check that made “’We The People’ Subjects of Behavioral Control and Enemies of State?” 

Hundreds of innocent United States Citizens have been killed and thousands of more jailed or imprisoned by being easy political targets. 

Congressional Gifford’s shooting in Senator McCain’s home state, never would happened if the agencies that he funds acted on valid complaints. Who do we have turn to in a crisis when our own state leaders, refuse to take action in fear of political popularity? 


"Based on my thirty years' experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise -- military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth -- that is active 24 hours a day throughout the United States," Gunderson [FBI Agent] stated in an October 2008 speech posted last fall on YouTube.

"CUBIT was a scam program by an attorney who had ties with Senator John Cornyn when he was Texas Attorney General from 1999-2002,  a new plan to protect the University from harsh fines of discrimination by gang stalking the disabled." People 

In Texas, the President of the United States is our last office to make a plea,  if all other means of due process has failed as the following classic example shows:

Going On Five Years Ago - April 2009 
The Honorable Senator Cornyn United States Senate c/o The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States of America

Thank you for your recent correspondence which details your letter to President Obama concerning the "Fishy" activities program at the White House. You bring up some really good points concerning the data collection that may identify someone as an adversary to the better good or even a threat as is routinely done on every college and university in Texas. I have been writing you letters for two years concerning students that have been targeted and criminalized as threats by way of email and essay monitoring by CUBIT or the new College University Behavioral Intervention Team. In a nut shell, when a student writes an essay or responds to request from faculty or even causal emails to friends, the information is monitored by a software program that points to certain words or phrases and identifies the student as a threat or potential campus shooter!

Let it be known that President Obama may not be the best representation of the people but in the case of Texas citizenry, he is our only option to voice our concerns if you continue to ignore our request. 

Full Article (Compiled notes I am not a journalist)

Lastly, Concerning General Petraeus I don’t know anybody who is living at the street level of the United States “The reality of things,” gives a dam who is going to bed with who, if your life is threated by CIA covert operations funded by Senator McCain and signed off by the very Senator of my home state Texas I went to for help!

If you think you are going after an easy target like me, you got another thing coming, and there will not be mercy, you have come to know from the Honorable Barack Obama!

Read the details of what was going on in Texas and you won’t read another sex scandal article for a while as follows:

Only Hackers Can Read This So Why Not The Whole Texas Family

The Hidden Agenda Petra

Some Things Are Seen 
And Some Are Not
Modified A UT Practice Session
On Adobe Software 2008
Art Lesson Learned

Large Herbivore Kill of The Day
I Live On For A Testimony In Court of Law
To Put These Treasonous People Behind
Bars Forever or Death
Old Criminal Acts Before Obama Took Office

It's Not Up To Me - Talk To The FBI
This May Help If You Do
"Just The Facts Jack"

I Am Just One of The Victims Not An Investigator

The Hidden Agenda Petra 

Chapter 4 
The Sea Gypsy's  

Edward Tyler’s theory that ritual grew out of beliefs in nature as a result of human reasoning must logically follow that nature is an intimate connection to what is human, natural, and the foundation of all that is human. Just as Native Americans associate nature as an extension of themselves then things of nature can be observed as are other ways of knowing such as a transpersonal way- anything outside of yourself including yourself.

The possible near future extinction of many primate species is weighed carefully against human population needs and forest resources. The disappearance of the great apes certainly have a negative aesthetic affect on the human psyche; however, the extinction of the chimpanzee, man’s closest relative, precariously shifts humans to the top of the endangered primate list. 

A Note To Me
Underneath This Picture Read
"The Eyes Follow You Wherever You Move"

Pan Troglodytes or robust chimpanzee share not only biological similarities to humans but also social and psychological adaptive traits to cope in diverse or diminishing habitat. If these creatures can no longer cope in a diminishing environment, a global concern for our own existence could be in serious question, 

“Just as in human society, where reason promotes virtue, so too does it breed vice (O’Dell).”

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Do You Get Emails From Robotic Applications

Do You Get Emails From Robotic Applications 
Claiming To Be Someone That Is Dead or In Prison?
Hacking Is Only Way They Knew Personal Things Like This
The Cave
"Remember The Day At The Cave and I Tripped You By Accident and you fell in the mud and you got so pissed off, you would not talk to me for months"

This is what happen to this person 20 years latter 

1. Case Type FELONY
Disposition Date 2007-12-17

Do You Get Emails From Robotic Applications 
Claiming To Be Someone That Is Dead or In Prison?

I Do The Emails From The Dead Are Very Sad
Sometimes I Get Letter From People
Who are In Jail They Are Not Allowed
To Send Emails
They Are Probably Not From Them

I respond to letters not emails from the Dead

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Osama Bin Laden 20 Years Not Ten Years


Hacking Right Now 21:40 Hours 05/17/2014

Boggy tv was to loud within 2 miles 11:28 05072014

1. Hyper-surveillance Can And Does Permanent Harm Only A Dead Psychiatrist Would Know the X-files My P.C. 2010

2. Unemployed Underpaid? It's Not That Confusing

3. . The GOP Texas Tea Party "If They Can They Well and They Did"  Chapters 1 - 14 "You cannot Make This Shit Up' by Sworn Affidavit in a Texas Court of Law with Credible Witness

4.Billions of Federal dollars wasted on domestic surveillance that can only report the destruction and never predict or stop a single criminal act."

5. Kathleen Sebelius Has Failed The Disabled and AAPD has become just Another Special Interest Political Machine

6.  NSA It's Not What They Know It's When They Screw Up!

6b. Texas W. Sessions FBI Director Retaliates Disabled Students Traded As A Commodity Like Goods With No Services

6c. The Action The Texas FBI Took Against Me After Reporting Billions In White Collar Crime

6d. The Texas U.S. Senate NSA FBI Sharing Program Federal Manipulation of Data

7. HHS 64035254 Follow-Up After Town Hall Meeting by Congressman Pete Gallego Transcribe By HHS 

Washington D.C.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kens5 News Large Herbivore Catch of The Day Pan American Railways

Mexico Employment Opportunities for United States Citizens with 
Mexican Work Visas 
s-h-h-h-h Stay out of Country for a year Income Tax Free
Mass Transportation 
Amtrak Hondo To San Antonio Passenger Rail Depot 1998
Closed Year 2000 Dollar Up Gasoline Down and Inexpensive Air Travel
Anthony Fox Secretary of Transportation Spoke About
Crude Oil Safety That Also Had and Has an Impact
Transportation Funding Work-In-Process
Heavy Machinery Up

Money In the D'Hanis Tx Bank

Disabled Job Producers of America "If You Can't Work Create Work for Others"

"A Way To Get to Work Today"

Manifesting the American Dream "Where East Meets West"
The Pan American Oriental Express Northern and Southern Railways
Mass Transportation 
"A Way To Get to Work Today"
The Pan American Passenger Railway

Year 2021
 'That's No Way To Run A Railroad"

South Central Texas Now
Crude Rail Freight More Dangerous Than People But Profits Are Greater Anthony Foxx
By Order of The Caldesdistine Monks
Removed the FBI Does Not Take Attachments
But They Do Follow UP