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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Texas PHD Independent Movie Producers Attacked by Mafia Goons

'B' Movies 
The Billion Dollar Deal Take Out The Syndicate
You Can Say They Wanted It All!

Card Left in House By a Breacher 
Not A Preacher

Connection to Mit the Twit Romney Who Leaves a gun on an US registered Airplane
Federal because the blood shed crossed State and International Waters

It's Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

Larry03 link to associated syndicate homicide 
Pat Harvey East Meets West

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Fallacy of Robotics

Why We Need NSA

The Mayan Hackers
Collect and Sell False Intel
Bring Harm to Others for a Price any Price You Pay Them
They are Used by Drug and Human Traffickers

What Do You Do?
Costly Clay Fusion Experimentations 
DARPA Deep Space Contract 
Planned for Airport Hangar Near Pleasanton Texas

Misspellings can be deadly and hackers commit manslaughter. This note is a classic example

I am sure glad somebody said it! 

Those that knew and did not say anything because they might lose money for an application that failed - then it is Murder by Intent.

07:00 AM 11/24/2014 Information was deleted not by me 'Buy 
Texas Longhorns (Search Box) B000ETMDAC' the private small business sector raped by the 'Global Economic Crisis Scam'  UT Regents and Texas Leadership as 'Perry writes the biggest hot check in Texas History' make these people Pay the Money back!

Take Senator Cruz off this case and give it to the Secret Service, who is just as anxious to find these killers and fraudsters as We ARE! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Calls Homicide Detectives New Evidence and Jehovah Witness Come Knocking 12/31/2015

“If the Jehovah Witnesses can find my house but FedEx cannot maybe they can find Jesus”

 Wallgreens RX 3321745-02458 11/06/12 Found Just Like the Replaced DVD Player "Old DVD Players for New (Pack-rat Thieves)" See Below The Evidence is overwhelming to witnesses but the breachers an't got a clue or does the homicide department when they do not return phone calls. The message read add to police report 15-01097 and tell me what to do with the evidence still holding for your call. FBI Tip 07:09 01/01/2016
Pirates Breachers The Last Nail In A Dead Man's Chest
"By George!"
  This documentation Completes This Part of the Investigation

Have a Warren Burger On Me
Agnes, Michael, and David B. Guralnik, PHD, eds. "Webster's New World College Dictionary." Webster's New World College Dictionary. 4th ed. Cleveland: IDG, 1998. 195. Print. 50th.
Audio Recording Adds Words of Wisdom

A roar of conversation erupts while the much-awaited
sandwiches are procured. Each peel back the brown paper disguising important distinctions between one sandwich from the next -- those with mayo, without mayo, with pickles, and so on. Then without a word, each guest folds the sandwiches back together and begin enjoying their lunch as if one mind sharing the [Illegal edit Copyright theft ] same essential thing.

Packrat Burglar Traded Old for New 
The Last Nail In A Dead Man's Chest

'May God Continue the unity of our country as the railroad unites the two great oceans of the world. 
Inscribed on the Golden Spike, Promontory Point, 1869.' (Page 23 of a USA new passport)

[Become Illegal State Militia Such as White Supremacy Generals ect.. ext.. ]

1. A person who commits Burglary

2. Burglary 

a. The act of breaking into a house at night to commit theft or some other felony such as hacking, breaching your home, or the use of any *Vector

b. The act to break into a building [Private sector Protected by the FBI] at anytime to commit theft, some other felony or misdemeanor


Breacher To Break or violate  (a contract, covenant, ect) 

A "Breacher" is a burglar who commits a felony to enter any home for personal gain, retaliation, evidence tampering, petty theft, stalking, harassment, Financial Decimation, information sharing or to demoralize a citizen of the United States of America. 

Breacher School Location South Texas Now Closed

Friday, November 21, 2014

Russian Hit Man Knows Damn Well He Has Been Cheated

This “moving into” is a natural state of human consciousness synchronized to the twilight moment of the experience. Just as the most advanced technologies of earth are guarded from the profane, so too exists an hierarchy of command common to Texas. 

This higher court resembles a platonic monarchy based on experience and service. This all-volunteer force oversees and protects many from disturbances caused by careless or in some rare cases aggressive clans, or genera.

If we analyze the essential features of the way we speak and the way we think, we can easily identify and redefine words or phrases of a particular cultural emphasis, which predetermine our opinions. In other words, by applying a few principles of Linguistics, the way we speak, to the way we think, we can, with little effort, loosen the bonds of cultural control, guaranteeing our right to freely reason on our own.

This complex power system is baffling to the Texas Outsiders, whose own reason has been corrupted by multimedia fantasy.

We all praise rationality but seldom do we apply the same criteria in the quiet of our own minds.

If you lose It, Don't Worry it will find you!

If heaven exists, and I argue that it necessarily exists, our own solar system must be nested within its heavenly properties.  In contemporary literature, we lose this association because our language now determines these concepts as “abstract ideas” such as the Philosopher A. Kripke writes, “A. Kripke-Plantinga (KP) world is an abstract object of some sort.” How can it be established that our solar systems, including Earth, spins in abstract space, an area that can only be appreciated intellectually?

The United State Copyright Office Owes Us Fifty Paid For Copyrights!
The U.S. Is the Only Country That Did Not Sign An International Copyright Agreement

Nothing to do with Globalization, National Security, 
Just Common Sense Ownership Law

Dodging Bullets Real Ones Since 1982

Please Mrs. Aria I Just Want To Tell Her I Love Her
Just The Facts Jack 
Want To See A Surveillance Film 1979

Updated To close in your face and personal 12/09/2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Farmer Where is the Build That You Threw The transponder On

On Your Office
Or Why The TV Has Been Ripped Off 8 Times. "Moving on up to the SAT East Side...." The Jefffersons
Know How!
Apace Mechanic Borrows my Truck and Say "Dam! Why are all the helicopters following me?"
No Bank Web Access From this Date Have To Drive To The Window How Can You Have a Budget with No Access?
Nitro-bution from the Farmer Who Can Not Spell
The Things They Tried To Dig Up In My Own Backyard
"Then Up from The Ground Came A Bubblin Crude. Oil that is Texas Tea"

Retaliation Victim, Witness, Informant of a Warden of the United States Department by
SAPD RICO Governor Perry
Obstruction of a Terrorism Investigation

Hacks distorted A Federal Terrorism Reporting Form by an Official TSA Responder

(Well if you ask any police Chief if they need more officers they will say yes. Henry Cuellar and I tripled the number of first responders without increasing the budget added note 11/13/2014) 

Proof [I let It lay] was Fax Last Night Mailed This Morning
NSA You Should Be Able To Secure Our Systems with 1/2 the Budget
I Have Developed a System of No Code No Hacker Ready To Mass Produce in the USA

First Posted 10/30/2014
The Hillbillies

She was diggin up some food and 
up from the ground came a bubblin Crude
'watagoosiam' (ancient sanskrit)
Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.
Source: The Dorling Kindersley Book of Nursery Rhymes (2000)

The Animals They Poisoned or Killed
The Night of the Living Dead 08/10/2014

What Happens when your own P.C. and Digital Storage is Hack to A Point You Do Not Have Access to YOUR OWN Copyrighted or Patient Content?
Kick Howler and Scream!

Violating Your Personal Privacy Is a Threat To U.S. Interest And Should Be Protected by National Security Not The State. A Lesson Learned After Vietnam.