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Monday, January 25, 2016

Out of Our Way Copyrighted G N O'Dell

There Is a Magic in It
Copyrighted by Gregory O'Dell 2-2014
Porn Takes 28 Days To Process Via the Copyright Office But When Corruption Prevails It Can Take 4 Years That Means the Copyright Office is Liable and Can Be Sued to Bankruptcy
The Copyright Office Steals
And Must Just Like Any Other Criminals
Be Handcuffed and taken from their desk
to jail and post bond or wait in jail until their scheduled court date
Gregory O'dell Expects a Return Phone Call and the Registration Certifcates of the two books to be shipped airfrieght at the expense of the Copyright office to show no intent or go to jail the numbers can be found at the following link:

Monday, January 11, 2016

Poetic Justice 'Yellow Sky Only The Top 2 Percent Live In Fear and Don't Pay Taxes'

Somebody Saw It Coming

See Tab bottom right screen 'Complain to Blogger' Why? Google is free and they told
 U.S. five years ago!

Welcome to the Jungle Everyday We Waited and Suffered We Became Stronger and The Thugs and Criminals Became Weaker

'A Story of Soul and A Way To See It'

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Irregular War IW Nothing Dies Harder Than A Black Ops Program

Human Interrogation Torture Of
The Veteran That Reported 
Osama ben Landen Whereabouts in 1995, 1998, Ect Ect
First Torture Case Case Number To Prosecute
United States Citizens

Black Ops Neo-Nazi Encryption 
You Can Never Forget
What They Will Do To You 

And What We Are Going 
To Do To Them
They Are Enemies of the United States of America"No Hero Is An Island To Himself" 
or Herself respectively Man Mankind

Well Blow Me Down! 08/02/2013
You Got to Go Through Me First
That Is Not Going to Happen!

The Real Criminals is no Secret If you Have Half a Brain

Public Domain 2006 It Is No Secret
It's All About Tea Party Terrorist Funding NSA

Governor Rick Perry Declares War On United States Citizens April 2009 just as general lemay warned us about, "In this type of war you cannot – you must not – measure the effectiveness of the effort by the number of bridges destroyed, buildings damaged, vehicles burned, or any of the other standards that have been used for regular warfare. The task is to destroy the effectiveness of the insurgent’s efforts and his ability to use the population for his own ends. ―General Curtis E. Lemay"

Foot Note: I don't know who this fat guy Mice or Tice something like that but they palgerized my Academic paper
[Hacker in System Can't Spell 09:10 01/06/2016] 
Most notably, Mr. Tice worked in the development area of the 1984 Ronald Reagan Star Wars program known as Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) of electronic intelligence gathering via space systems communications, non-communications signals, electronic warfare, satellite control, telemetry, sensors, and special capability systems, which included neurological research (non-ionizing EMF) bioelectric research and development.  Electronic warfare targets human beings for political control or can kill without any visible means at any distance.

The Irregular War IW

Irregular War (IW) is the domestic surveillance program started in 1982 by Vice President George H. W. Bush that failed to 'Keep us Safer' in place before the Oklahoma Bombing of a Federal Building, the first international bombing of Federal Building by Osama Bin Laden in Riyadh Saudi Arabia November 13, 1995 and the 911 attack on New York. 

We cannot say nobody saw it coming, "TSWG was an original subgroup of the IG/T, which later became the Interagency Working Group on Counterterrorism (IWG/CT). In its February 1986 report, a cabinet level Task Force on Counterterrorism, led by then Vice-President Bush, cited TSWG as assuring “the development of appropriate counterterrorism technological efforts.” 

In 2007 George W. Bush declared Irregular War or IW after declaring war on Iraq to keep the funds flowing under the acronym CTTSO, which is the funding source for TSWG:

"Today, TSWG still performs that counterterrorism technology development function as a stand-alone interagency working group. TSWG’s mission is to conduct the national interagency research and development (R&D) program for combating terrorism requirements. It also has commenced efforts to conduct and influence longer-term R&D initiatives and, reflecting the shift to a more offensive strategy,
balance its technology and capability development efforts among the four pillars of combating terrorism: antiterrorism, counterterrorism, intelligence support, and consequence management."

Very few people understand the threat of Terrorism has been around for ages, Terrorism is not a new age phenomena. The 2008 financial collapse root cause was from inside trading by those of public trust, who  benefited by creating a false belief of "Global Terror" or those in congress that signed off on legislation that created the mega-trillion dollar white elephant "Top Secret America." 

Top Secret America as the public understands it, assimilated to us by the Washington Post has been around as long as the threat of terrorism known as Domestic Surveillance, which created uproar in 2006 when Russ Tice, former NSA intelligence officer, divulged this program in public. The majority of the cost of Top Secret America was approved by legislation passed in the name of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot act and is an unnecessary expense and burden on the American people with global consequences. 

Today, NSA consumes over half of the Federal budget; however, when the Tea Party complains about Big Government spending, they attack social programs that only make up a very small percent of the Federal budget. The Tea Party Paradox is the indisputable fact that they are the wealthy few who benefit from Big Government overspending by NSA. This is not say that NSA is overfunded and may need more funds to operate at their optimum.

The 911 Patriot Act was drafted and secretly mandated by President Bill Clinton after the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995. George W. Bush publicly announced the 911 Patriot act as his mandate in response to the 911 attack on New York September 11, 2001.

The USA PATRIOT Act (commonly known as the "Patriot Act") is an Act of the U.S. Con-gress that was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001. The title of the act is a ten letter acronym (USA PATRIOT) that stands for Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appro-priate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.

I can still remember clearly the sad tragedy of the Oklahoma bombing viewed on Saudi Sat-ellite TV, and wondered about a letter, I had just mail to the Federal Aviation Administration for a replacement FAA Airman’s certificate, housed in the same building. That same afternoon, a Somalian showed me a newspaper with front cover page introducing me for the first time to Osama bin laden April 1995. 

Much later, after Timothy James McVeigh was arrested for the Oklahoma bombing, the same Somalina asked me, “O’Dell you look just like that guy [Timothy McVeigh], and Ameri-can’s blamed Muslims for the [Oklahoma] bomb?” What could I say in response?

He was right; the first thing we did was blame Islamic extremist for the bombing. Even though I was living thousands of miles away from America, a chill ran up my back, concern-ing terrorism within the U.S. and the domestic program divulge much later by Russ Tice, al-ready in place that had failed to protect us from the 911 attack, perhaps they were targeting the wrong people. 

Looking back now, that was the day when electronic weapons controlled by NSA were turned inward and pointed at everyday ordinary citizens just as Orwell’s “1984” and the April 1995 Unabomber front page New York Times “Manifesto” warned us about, electronic and bio-weapons used on the people of a Police State for political control by the elite class, we have come to know as the wealthy few.

Tice warned us that NSA had grown so powerful as an entity of covert operations know as Black Ops,  that stood alone without audit trails or congressional oversight  was creating a Police State. The Police State of his concerns only benefits the wealthy few of corporate America, while oppressing the majority of hard working middle class citizens. 

The Unabomber or Theodore Kaczynski, mailed packaged bombs to unsuspecting victims killing 3 and injury 23 others for 20 years, until the FBI finally arrested him after the publication of his manifesto April 1995, explaining the Police state of Mr. Tice former intelligence officer of NSA’s concerns, "science marches on blindly, without regard to the real welfare of the human race or to any other standard, obedient only to the psychological needs of the scientists and of the government officials and corporation executives who provide the funds for research.”

Most notably, Mr. Tice worked in the development area of the 1984 Ronald Regan Star Wars program known as Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) of electronic intelligence gathering via space systems communications, non-communications signals, electronic warfare, satellite control, telemetry, sensors, and special capability systems, which included neurological research (non-ionizing EMF) bioelectric research and development.  Electronic warfare targets human beings for political control or can kill without any visible means at any distance.

Bio-weapon research is funded by the Senate influenced by Congressional Representatives, by paid lobbyist of corporate America descending daily from K Street, which drives Wall Street and the Global Market place. Sadly, the arms race of electronic and bio-weapons is measured by the effectiveness of such device applications, and the competition of corporations required live human experimentation.

NSA began experimenting on the citizens of the United States during the Bill Clinton's term, unknowingly to the subjects of the experimentation. Sadly, the victims included women, children, and the elderly until the election of Barack Obama who stopped such experimentation April 2009. 
Terrorist act in a way that is predictable, be it a NSA black Ops group operating on its own, or a lone wolf such as the infamous Unabomber. The way terrorist act has not changed over time; however, a culture of false beliefs has consumed the populace because most of us have been traumatized by successful Terrorist attacks.

In my own lifetime, I have been the victim of three terrorist bombings, the third was a copy-cat bombing of the Oklahoma Bombing, financed by Osama bin Laden, on November 13, 1995, of a U.S. Federal building in the city of Riyadh Saudi Arabia were my wife worked as a civil servant, months after my first glimpse of the Osama bin Laden, shown to me by the So-malian in April the same year on front page of a Saudi Newspaper. 
The high tech bomb was procured from an U.S. armory.  The sound was unmistakable a high tech device similar to my first Nuclear blast in South of San Antonio Texas November 13, 1963. The Bombing of the first Federal building, outside of the United States blew in my window of my villa as I read a copy of “The mountain of Light” by George MC Donald Frazer a famous British fiction author and historian.

That's right, on 13 November 1963 at ap-proximately 11: am, I and other elementary school children were knocked to the ground from the only known accidental nuclear device detonation openly reported in the United States of America. National Security (appropriately, because that is their job to do so) tried to depress and  censor the press, but everybody was scrambling under the daily instructions of Vice President Lyndon Bird Johnson famous Television series explaining, “what to do if  a nuclear bomb explodes near your school.”  Ever wonder where the phrase "Grab your ankles and kiss [it] good-bye" came from?

At my age, I would have never thought a group of Terrorist would group together, con-spire an assassination attempt by combining two highly volatile explosives including u235 enriched by 4% volume uranium that sent out a band of ionizing radiation for at least 100 miles for ground zero.
These weren't your typical Terrorist as Texas Governor Rick Perry just suggested (In A National Debate 2012!) that the profile of all terrorist  "are all Muslims" and from my experience of a victim of three terrorist bombings, they never are typical, or do they have any correlation to a religion, race, or country.

In this case, these terrorist were white supremacist earning degrees in Nuclear Physics in Germany. One attended law school right here in San Antonio Texas.  One of the suspects was a member of the John Birch Society. 

In 2009, Texas Governor Rick Perry founded the Tea Party in Texas as retaliation to the Obama Administration for stopping discretionary spending without audit trails, which created the white elephant we know as Top Secret America and the Global Meltdown of fall 2008 during the George Bush era. 

The way these people grouped together based on racism, brought back memories of the same Right-wing extremist that detonated the first nuclear terrorist bomb in San Antonio Texas. The Tea Party Rebellion was not just a political demonstration in effigy; they were acting with intent just as the group that made up the white supremacy group responsible for the San Antonio bombing, November 13, 1963.


Governor Rick Perry Declares War On United States Citizens April 2009.
"In this type of war you cannot – you must not – measure the effectiveness of the effort by the number of bridges destroyed, buildings damaged, vehicles burned, or any of the other standards that have been used for regular war-fare. The task is to destroy the effectiveness of the insurgent’s efforts and his ability to use the population for his own ends. ―General Curtis E. Lemay"

Notes and Citations

Texas Right 'Reich' Is Not Opposite Of The Left
Texas district attorney, wife, found dead in county where prosecutor was killed

White supremacist gang members indicted in Texas

Texas prosecutor killed after getting shot five times near courthouse; two suspects at large

"If this really was an assassination by the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, we are about to see a war begin," Potok told the Daily News on Thursday..."

Read more:

Texas Governor Rick Perry Backbone Anti-American Resentment

We cannot say that these neoconservative White Supremacy groups were ever disbanded in Texas, if Governor Rick Perry writes a law to protect these murder squads while attacking innocent political targets with military force under the declaration of Irregular War or IW.
My personal experience for these illegal at-tacks were reported to law enforcement at time of the events, and ignored by the Dallas Office of Civil Rights, local law enforcement,  home-land security, the OIG, and still under investigation by the FBI:

Reference:  Response U.S. Department of Justice OIG Washington D.C. Thank you for the kind telephone conversation, concerning my allegations of fraud, abuse, and corruption.  Your office instructed me to send additional information concerning my complaint to Dallas Office attention SAC for further review.  

1. I Reported Stalking, including international stalking and terroristic threats to my family on and off campus at UTSA starting November of 2008 [2007] to the OCR Dallas, Police and FBI. I am still waiting for an appeal from the Department of education J. Berry. Retaliation escalated, so I reported the means in which the retaliation was carried about – item number 2. 
2. I reported to your office fraud and abuse of Federal Funds by Texas Fusion Centers in 2009, which I am victim and I am a witness required by law to report as FAA Federal Aviation First Responder for Atascosa County Texas.  
3. I reported detail information of the illegal distribution, manufacturing, testing (Lack of) and sales tactics of Merck Company for their product VIOXX which I am victim.  
4. I filed for Texas Victims of Crimes compensation in a timely manner but have yet to receive funds from that office; instead they retaliated against me and XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX a disabled person in my care as a “Guardian of Ward of State” Texas at the time 
My Texas representatives were given a call by me as friendly heads-up to stay in late legislation until they work out these criminal acts triggered by Governor Rick Perry under RP8. 
My specific concerns were reported once again to law enforcement, which includes the FBI San Antonio and the judge at the Jourdanton Court House Texas, ordered an investigation of my case on June 13, 2012 Case number 12-04270 and 12-04429, which includes the continued abuse of being stalked by deadly force dating back to 2008. One additional charge was reported Atascosa Sheriff’s Department as the last event in September 2012.

Under the Supreme Court Ruling Citizens United, any act using military force against Americans on American soil by a politician as political targets is considered high treason.