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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Master of Defense over Mind

*UT Alumni Emails Surveys Collects Data on Veterans Protected by the DOD. Webmaster Notified Two Times of severe penalties and fines. Any rational idealist would border the absurd to think it possible to crash head on into a concrete wall [ Telephony call 17:26 Hours UT ALUMI ] without suffering the effects of a Rock Hard Concrete Idea.

Although, we seem to have different approaches, it matters not if we explore the inner workings of the mind as an idealist or trod a true materialistic path. All persistent thinkers eventually meet in the same conscious realization of this primordial substance, be it called matter or mind. 

Veteran Data is not within the powers of state but the powers of the Federal Government - God Bless the USA!

*Dear UT Alumni Face Value Could Be Hackers