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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Everything is broken down to one proposition 'Yellow Sky'

True Grit

 “Time Up! High Noon (Movie Gary Cooper)” 
United States State Department Must Act Answer in 5 Days

Request for Diplomatic Passport by Letter from US Attorney General FAA364_1964 "You Need an Attorney to Sue." International law FAA364_1964 has a need to protect himself and family members when the State Department Fails to Protect Their Own! passport 520647917

Reference: Scotland Yard Breach

Reference: 'Clinton CCRS' 
Gregory O'Dell Needs to Travel to the following counties Vietnam, Arabia. Great Britain and Guangzhou U.S. Consulate, and Mexico see my Congressman Henry Cuellar Texas 28th who failed and profited off my pain and memories of the dead in several terrorist bombing delivered to the DOD and FBI. 

 DOD has Documents in hand 04.30.2016 VA Extortion of VA entitlements and failure to pay insurance by the United States Department

Who Shot Jr. (Dallas Movie)
“Yellow Sky”
A Communist form of information collection that benefits and holds Texas Leadership in power by exploiting the people of the state.
Easy answers to difficult questions
To Expand on Bush Private Security Screw-Up George H.W. Bush was in Houston Methodist Hospital Sri Gregory O’Dell was in San Antonio Methodist Hospital
Texas TEA Party Threat
Last Election Cycle
We Take Demands Everyday
"Near midnight an 80 year old barefoot women ran down a Texas country dirt road, finding her way to my backdoor, crying that someone was threatening her. 
They were looking for Ann with an 'e' "
Anne Marie O'Dell

Another Star lays Buried in the Sand
FAA 342 1964 Waits Sign Off bin Laden by DOD 
Morgue Team for Bush Bond Money Payable On Demand And The DOJ Has Recieved That Demand Letter

@beforeitsnews Human Interrogation Torture Of Vet Reported Osama ben Landen Whereabouts in 1995

Don't Think About It File a Complaint

"Welcome to 'Pot-metal' it's not 'GOLD' or a 'Billion Dollar Sharing Program' but IT works"

The Code of The West
When All Else Fails Call the Secret Service Investigator 
Working The Case

"New Alamo FBI Director Coming To Town"

'When your own Congressman gets caught 
This Video Was Produced In Mexico the Student 456135816 Registered with the University of Houston Texas, who the Houston staff contacted the OCR as a witness to the abuse by UTSA against the disabled including 456135816 and a subject of a Dallas OCR investigation.
'We The People'
"Make a plea to remove electronic Weapons from private firms and return them to the DOD"
First 'We The People' by a record high popular vote on David Letterman Show

FBI Headquarters 
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001 
(202) 324-3000
Open Case Grand Larceny Homicide You Name It District 28th Texas

"It is not the illegal immigrants you need to worry about clue: Private Security Firms."
Or blog title name you need worry about they do not associate with any of my blog reports, and many others private blogs.

2015 Christmas Communication Blackout 
Will not Happen In Texas Again
Prosecute To Fullest Extent of the Law

Judge Bradley Lytle Texas Fails To Aid His Own People Attack By Military Attacks Lies To Investigators

Senator Cruz Discloses Unpublished Story

Panama Frank

Waiting for A Response from Congress

Bexar County Is Still Investigating This Case Post For Their Information

When You Best Friend On Facebook Is A Homicide Detective
The FBI Public Corruption Unit Has Deed to Eagle Ford Shale and Forged Documents of  My Grandmothers Killer See: Devine Patty Newspaper Texas State Enactus is Leading A "Helping Hand(s)" To Monarch Butterflies
Freemason Occult Article Reported To Homeland Security.

Is the homicide department the right place to go to in Bexar County Texas Victim of Crime where we all are sent too? Had Bexar County victims of Crime Number and medical documentation, so we turned it over to the FBI reported within the time periods established by law and the police did not respond to criminal charges that leads to Texas Grand Larceny and multiple homicides or have i received legal representation or related expenses to file reports now at aprox. $6,000.00

"Last time a Homicide Detective was eating a taco with ketchup on it"
See The Movie Dirty Harry
"What if the threat was real and you were the target"

So We Go To Bexar County Homicide and Report 11/17/2014 12 PM See Police Report of Aerial Attack Investigation is Valid and So are 

all Texas Victims of Crime Reports Submitted By 456135816

Several Crews Members Die In Vain related or unrelated unknown or do we have a need to know but Ken Paxton Victims of Crime Cannot Deny The Claim Again. I guess the Governor of Florida needs to reopen the Value Jet Crash  the same thing happened,  "related or unrelated unknown or do we have a need to know."

11/08/2014 First Post

Senator Ted Cruz Uses NSA for Senatorial Abuse Obstruction of a FBI Terrorist Investigation.

Service Connected Veteran Found Dead On The Floor 2ndary already 100% disabled before the VA prescribe VIOXX. 

Senator Ted Cruz Must Pay the Price and Stop Censoring the Fact That He Is Involved with Drug Trafficking known by Mexico and Texas.

Drug Trafficking is Terrorism Defined by the 911 Patriot Act.

The Texas Tea Party Attacks rightful Mineral Stakeholders, Assets, 
Patent Rights and anyone associated with the rightful owners.

Transferred To The Texas Victims of Crime

Who Retaliated With Deadly Force

There are several others claims not posted
Including this one! This blog is reserved for law-enforcement, "No hero is an Island to himself."
'Well Blow Me Down (Popeye "whistle blower" Navy Training Cartoon)"

Here Is One
This is one of the few, i only had electronic contact; the other contacts, the predators like to touch or get up close to their victims: Reference Belinda Cardenas UT El Paso and UTSA Board of Regetents