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Friday, August 14, 2015

Texas They Do Open Your Mail Steal Illegal Discovery Patents Copyrights

VERK Texas Communication Interoperability Failed Application Continued

US Postal Claims Federal Website Hacked 
Postmaster General By Any Means

In Texas They Do Open Your Mail Steal Illegal Discovery Patents Copyrights
Texas VARs Hacker 07/13/2015 07:09

Cursor highlights a letter typical to robotic application or hacker ‘V’ ‘E’ ‘R’ ‘K’ or VERK
Blocking a Federal Web Site while hacking 07:15 07/132015

1. Billions Lost To Texas Private Security Firms Paid To Protect The Information See Complaint to FBI 2010 and Follow-up Letter 06/05/2015 Requested by FBI Headquarters From 456135816

2. Proof of Copyright Ownership by 456135816 by way of Federal Document Claim ID: 3374270

3. US Postmaster Notified that website was hacked and receive a letter asking me to return to the same hacked website 06/01/2015

The Pony Express Texas Private Security Firms 
'Dead End' and CEO Goes To Federal Prison
Bexar County Criminal Complaint Number 2015-0177976

Thank You U.S. Post Office For Returning Items Found

“Was it an act of kindness or in defiance to the security cameras that followed her broom.................”

'Texas Illegally Does Stop Delay 
Read Mail 
Shipped Documents'

"Did U apply for job, bid on a contract, copyright, Patent or submit a sealed business plan ect...?"

This Case and others should be Represented by our Texas Attorney General Office
We have several cases my mail opened and part of it was returned. Today in this case the Wester Union Payment to the Library of Congress Copyright Office. I guess i have to file another SAPD Criminal Report. No. 17-205117931. I Filed a Bexar County Report Number 2015-0177976 -Done

Who has my VA entitlements delaying 456135816 100% USAF Service Connected entitlements on their desk today 06/06/2015?

17 Years waiting on Appeal That Used The AVAN Website during the Bush Administration that  Failed and was hacked and laws were written by illegal discovery.

In 456135816 Case the VA only worked the Camp Lejeune claim found sitting on Kentucky Golf Course Hole No. 3 Kentucky United States Senator Paul Rand.

Just Ask Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Congressman Henry Cuellar Texas 28th. See Complaints: The First Houston Texas ‘Beat the Backlog’ review. This veteran and others had / have records in hand said to burned in fire. 

The Domain of abused veterans is Vietnam Era Veterans, Korean, and World War II.

We had to drive to Laredo 150 miles from San Antonio Texas to the Mexican border to get access to My Texas 
Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th.

We will have to drive all the way back for a answer - Verizon Phone and Postage Jackers one was by way of UPS to the Dallas OCR shipped from laredo Texas and received no response from that office as of 06/06/2015. Several Witness in Laredo. 

How Many Others?
by Laredo Texas Surveillance Code 

‘I met Ms. Butch at the Gay Rodeo’