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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Colorado Joker Web Prompt

Was No Joke

Harris County Texas There is a Killer on the Road. His brain is squirming like 'Political Toadies.' 
"Hack Threat No Problem Report It Then Forget IT"

DVD Homicide Cold Case Death Valley Days
Old DVDs Saved for Evidence
University Colorado Movie Production 2006 - 'The Alien Named Paul' Draft for Switzerland Capital Backer 

Money is not the problem when Murder is the Subject of this page.

All my work stolen from my computer 30,000 dollars software and 6 machines and thousands of hours of University team work and a web prompt of a dead or convicted redhead lunatic from Colorado PHD University with a biorhythm on guess who a PHD from the University of Colorado in movie production hired by me to make a draft cartoon. 'Pat Contractual Work for Hire'

I Want Those IT Criminals in Jail Today! They Got Caught 09 04 2015 - 09 05 2015. I want a phone call after they are arrested, finger printed and processed.