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Friday, October 31, 2014

Chapter 1: Texas Domestic Surveillance: They Did And Each Count Is A Federal Conviction Against The State of Texas

Texas Domestic Surveillance
And They Did Killed Crew Members 11/17/2015 A day of infamy

To The Wrong Texas Cowboy
Each Count Is A Federal Conviction Against Texas Hackers

No Response After Aircraft Disaster That Killed The Crew so Reported To Sheriff Atascosa County After FBI and OIG 11/17/2014 12:00am by law

Who Says He Got A Whole FBI File On Me
No! You Don't But You Should 

"We won't agree on everything (Cornyn to Lynch)" 

Why not be transparent on everything? The Senate Life your Kids and Congress too? After penetrating the jungle into the light. A person see things on a broader Plateau

 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Transmission to the FBI San Antonio U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Office of Inspector General/Mail Stop 2600 245 Murray Drive, SW, Building 410 Washington, DC 20528 Dear Department of Homeland Security

1st Post Molested by Katheryn (Dick) Tracey 08/04/2013

Just another voice in the wilderness, I had no idea that by exchanging my writing tablet and No. 2 pencil for a Windows Word computer application would cull me out of millions as I rose to the top of web browsers in the summer of 2000. Born in the year BC—Before Computer—I can say, “In the beginning was the word and the word was without form.” 

There are those who will argue that computer systems have a history going back more than 100 years, represented by a variety of machinery such as the mechanical cash register, calculators, and even Enigma, used by the Germans during World War II for the encryption and decryption of secret messages.

Most will argue that the first computer was developed as far back as 3000 B.C. The abacus was an arithmetic calculator that used rows of wooden balls. The device is so reliable and trustworthy; it was still used in China during my stay in the early 1990’s. The system certainly seemed much more efficient than the registers I was accustomed to in Mega Grocery Stores that seemed to stop operating the moment my place in line moved to pay the cashier. 

Perhaps it was just a matter of odds or a coincidence that for some reason or another, when I came to pay, the cashier would open up the receipt printer and pull long lines of wrinkled paper tape out of the device to get it operational again. Many times the procedure would not work and the cashier would have to call the manager, who had key to override the system. 

Twenty years later, not much has changed for me. When my credit card is swiped everything stops for a brief moment as terabytes of data are electronically transferred by satellite or land line to overhead cameras that identify my biometric profile at that time and at that place. I know instinctively the pause is no coincidence. I have been targeted by a domestic surveillance system that had gone completely out of control. 

Those at the extreme right will say, “If we can we should,” but that does not include those that campaign for such in the name of national security, justified by the 9/11 Patriot Act. I have no objection when it comes to national security. My concern with the “If we can we should” argument is who is ‘we’ and do they know what they are doing? 

It's My Fault I Care About Other Texans

How displeasing to have representation in the Senate such as Tea Party member Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who cries for justice after the IRS allegedly targeted ultraconservative nonprofits, while in reality many progressive groups were also targeted and Cruz has not issued one complaint about that. Others were targeted for and murdered by Texas ex-NSA employee
Note: Texas nsa? just like Snowball

The Senator is also aware that thousands of Texans have been victimized by non-lethal and bio-lethal weapons; however, he has not made one speech standing up for those who experience loss of life, financial decimation, or are held in Texas prisons innocent of any crime. 

Thousands of Americans on United States soil have been unjustly targeted, persecuted, and oppressed by the corrupt few who can buy access to this information. Some such as the Dixie Cup billionaires Charles and David Koch along with a co-conspirator like Texas Governor Rick Perry will buy or manipulate the press to their own selfless needs; even to a point of endangering the lives of fellow Americans by censorship. 

Worst of all was the National Security Agency’s (NSA) illegal incorporation of private investigative firms and contractors who are protected from disclosure. 

Even today the federal government unknowingly pays top secret militias operating without orders; quality assurance programs hard-wired to favorable responses.

Over a 10-year period starting with the signing of the 9/11 Patriot Act, NSA grew so large that it collapsed the whole global economic system and currently consumes more than half the federal budget. 

In the State of Texas, Governor Rick Perry formed and led a top secret militia used to hold power by targeting and oppressing groups or individuals, causing financial decimation through intrusive electronic eaves-dropping and behavioral control devises. 

Many understand this to be simple GPS tracking; they do not understand the dangers of the most vile, disgusting, and intrusive devices conceived by man since World War II.

Cases are still being brought before the international courts for crimes against humanity for those who escaped justice by fleeing Germany. And yet Texas Governor Rick Perry and his network of handpicked co-conspirators, who are linked to patent infringement, the theft of mineral reserves, copyright infringement, human electronic exploitation, drug / human trafficking, and manslaughter, go unpunished. 

Most notably, the governor is linked to more than 250,000 people harmed by drugs or devices produced by big pharmaceutical corporations, with 88,000 that are known dead, and thousands more likely deceased. The numbers are still being calculated by forensics, In the State of Texas if they can, they will, and they did. 

The many disclosures by NSA personnel warning of a police state never has been a secret if you have been harmed or attacked by non-lethal and bio-lethal weapons. The notion, “Why should it concern me? I have done no wrong,” adopted by plantation slaves that happily accepted a false sense of protection from their masters, unaware the security was a form of mind control intended to oppress and keep the slaves working on the farm. 

Today’s civil division is between those that know and those that do not. Those who advocate for those that do not know are unjustly stalked down by the same domestic surveillance systems. 

Thank God they underestimated the potential of the human soul. I gave them fair warning into the same data stream used to harm me and others, first with a published essay, Who is watching who and do they know what they’re doing? 

“Unfortunately, behavioral scientists ignore the fact that some clairvoyants can take a peek into the future, visualize an eminent threat, and know instinctively when someone has their attention on them or looking at them even when the observation is done remotely by a camera or even a satellite.” 

The civil war that never manifested between the Texas corrupted few and the oppressed is to the credit of those who have made sacrifices by seeking justice in the courts. 

Credit also goes to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States, who was also attacked by electronic devices and falsely accused of devising the system that was actually first developed in the State of Texas by George Bush mandates that later gave Governor Perry a blank check of discretionary spending. 

Where did the trillions of dollars go? If not for the offshore financial leaks, forcing those of Texas public trust as well as judges to belly-up and disclose their tax shelters, we would not have a clue. 

Justice is not always a popular opinion and seldom do we know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There was a time when throwing Christians to lions was the justice of the day as was tarring, impaling, and set on fire so the games could be viewed all through the evening from any seat in the Roman Coliseum. 

Not far in the future, we will have a clearer idea of what has transpired once the invisible crimes against humanity are brought before the courts, one victim at a time. Those who are still in denial with the notion of “why should it concern me; I have done no wrong,” will understand the dangers to themselves and family from intrusive violations of privacy

Clearly it is a war between good and evil. Texans and other citizens across America filed Victims of Crimes applications for relief from damages caused by the Rick Perry/ Koch Brothers insurrection and the Tea Party rebellion against the United States of America. The Tea Party of today was founded to shelter those who became experts at extracting federal funds for their own means. 

Not realizing the severity and the numbers of those involved, I published an apology to the United States Attorney General

"Dear Eric Holder, it is with my deepest regrets that your honorable position as the United States Attorney General has been attacked by the most depraved souls elevated from the depths of Hades to lead the great state of Texas, since her annexation into the union, in the year 1845........."

April 2009: Holly Hacker and Texas campus community members want to know if there is a connection. The FBI, Secret Service, and Campus Police data sharing has got to be a money making scam but this is just speculation, private citizens like me are not gifted fortune tellers like our trusted law enforcement officials. “Thomas Calucci of the University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department, who headed a team formed to identify folks on campus with psychological issues who could pose threats.”

Hyper surveillance or Hyper-surveillance can and does Permanent Harm

There must be a lot of money in terrorizing the public with anti-terrorist training and data sharing.


Senator if you want my support then practice what you preach; shut down the hyper-surveillance of students on Texas college campuses which include my OWN CHILDREN! 

The Problem with Fusion Centers in Texas
Texas Governor Rick Perry's Republican GOP POLITICAL Behavioral Control Centers
You Have A constitutional Right to Full Disclosure Freedom of Information Act
The 911 Act’s Intrusive Disregard for Privacy and Protection Has Not Revealed One Terrorism Scheme
A Decade of Corruption 1,000’s of Texans Targeted Murdered or Jailed without Due Cause
Fusion Centers Have Never Identified One Threat to National Security except Governor Rick Perry

The Texas Republican GOP uses Fusion Centers to attack Political Opponents to hold their own seats of power. There would not be a Texas Republican Super Majority without the aid of privacy intrusions by Texas Fusion Centers.  Ex-FBI Director William Sessions’ famous last speech at the Oak Hills Country Club San Antonio, Texas, “We are trying to tell the world what the rule-of-law is. It is incumbent on law enforcement to police their own behavior. We must share; we must find ways to do it (2008).”
 Suzanne Reed Bexar County District Attorney was present, has been aware of the problem, but failed to uphold “equal protection under the law” based on political and racial bias! A good example: Hyper-surveillance or the use of human sensors and cameras in poverty stricken areas, policing the poor and those of color, while the same systems in the wealthy districts are used to police the poor and those of color, who do not live in prominent white districts, but may enter those communities to access goods and services! Reed led the South Texas Anti-Terrorist Task Force, targeting Texas citizens costing Federal Tax payers 98 Billion in 2009.
The Bush 911 Data Sharing failure reported by the Associated Press 4 hours ago, today October 3, 2012, four years after I requested a congressional investigation of campus shootings. I believe these shootings were caused by the illegal sharing of private information and gang stalking, justified by the 911 Patriot Act in the name of National Security.
“A multibillion-dollar information-sharing program created in the aftermath of 9/11 has improperly collected information about innocent Americans and produced little valuable intelligence on terrorism, a Senate report concludes. It portrays an effort that ballooned far beyond anyone's ability to control.”
“We The People” became subjects of ungodly human experimentation; subjects became suspects, suspects became enemies of the State. Texas Governor Rick Perry will go down in history as the "Longest Serving Communist Dictator of Texas" by eating "The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree." “Due Cause” in Texas is hand-picked political apples, nurtured by Fusion Center Data Mining and Sharing, paid for by Federal Dollars. This is a huge problem that has corrupted the Texas Justice system with 4,500 bias appointees, appointed by Governor Rick Perry, not elected by the people!
Texas Republican GOP Dualistic (Pluralistic) Application of Law is the root cause of so many innocent Texans jailed, while several have been executed over the last 10 years! Most tragically, those favored by police and Republican GOP - get away with even Murder!
The right thing for the Department of Homeland Security to do is to prosecute my Texas Civil Rights claims, as well as thousands of others, because the Governor will not mediate. Texans have no access to legal counsel for a Class Action Civil Suit because of the corruption. Sadly, thousands of Texans are warehoused in Perry's Prisons for Profit. Most of these Texans are non-violent substance abuse convictions decided in backroom Texas Courtrooms, without due cause.
The ‘Right’ Thing for Texas Governor Perry to Do Is Step down Now - But The Devil Won’t Let Him Do It!
"I believe Satan exist (Rick Perry 2012)" and I believe the Governor has made all Texans true believers!

Intelligence effort named citizens, not terrorists
By EILEEN SULLIVAN and MATT APUZZO | Associated Press – 3 hrs ago.
WASHINGTON (AP) — A multibillion-dollar information-sharing program created in the aftermath of 9/11 has improperly collected information about innocent Americans and produced little valuable intelligence on terrorism, a Senate report concludes. It portrays an effort that ballooned far beyond anyone's ability to control.
What began as an attempt to put local, state and federal officials in the same room analyzing the same intelligence has instead cost huge amounts of money for data-mining software, flat screen televisions and, in Arizona, two fully equipped Chevrolet Tahoes that are used for commuting, investigators found.
The lengthy, bipartisan report is a scathing evaluation of what the Department of Homeland Security has held up as a crown jewel of its security efforts. The report underscores a reality of post-9/11 Washington: National security programs tend to grow, never shrink, even when their money and manpower far surpass the actual subject of terrorism. Much of this money went for ordinary local crime-fighting.

“Texas Electronic Exploitation Class Action Law Suit” A Community Service Report G. N. O’Dell October 3, 2012