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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hackers in the System The Rise and Fall of The Geek Empire

Put Executives In Jail
I won't stop or could I stop what the DOJ Does
They Prosecute Criminal Crimes

Texas Victims without Counsel can put you in Jail for not paying Civil Penalties and Damages

This what happens with large corporation separate themselves from their clients and when a person that injured approaches the companies Quality Assurance representatives to mediate, the standard answer is "You should Seek legal Counsel." 

In the State Texas, nobody can get legal counsel because Governor Rick Perry has made so difficult for any idiot with $300 to civil file suit, to conclude their concerns. Therefore the only recourse is- Federal Criminal Court! Change the law or move business out of Texas, or you could go to prison! Complements of Texas Governor Rick Perry

Pharma Giant GSK to Pay $3B in Largest Ever Healthcare Fraud Case
By PIERRE THOMAS and JACK DATE | ABC News – 5 hrs ago.
In a 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report, GSK addressed the government's allegations broadly, saying, "Some people are concerned that marketing by pharmaceutical companies may exert undue influence on doctors, that sales representatives may not always give doctors full information about the products they are promoting, or that there may be promotion of medicines for unapproved uses."

GSK goes on in that document to say that the company has "fundamentally changed our procedures for compliance, marketing and selling in the USA to ensure that we operate with high standards of integrity and that we conduct our business openly and transparently."

But critics at the Taxpayers Against Fraud non-profit group said that while recovering the money was a positive step, little is being done on a personal level to combat widespread fraud from the industry's top moneymakers – including putting executives behind bars.

"The bad news is that monetary penalties are not enough to stop rampant fraud... If we want to stop fraud, we need to recover America's stolen billions and we need to make sure that key players lose their jobs, their bank accounts, and their freedom," said Patrick Burns of Taxpayers Against Fraud. "Once the pain is personal and well-timed, the change in conduct in fraudster-companies will be very rapid."