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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Shaw-shank Redemption Texas Victims of Crime VC15124955

Young Guns of Texas Beware

When Coach Was 1st Class

Talk to the FBI Do Not Write 
The Complaint For Me
Write Your Own
FBI Texas Public Corruption Investigation Unit Washington D.C. 
Shipped 08/27/2015

Texas Victims of Crime VC15124955 Panama Frank

First Post This Blog 08/2013

Low Altitude Drone Stalking Under The Command of 
X-Governor Rick Perry

Victims did Suffer Violent damages Broken Bones, Rape, you Name It! 
Texas Victim of Crime do not Interface with all agencies listed on the Texas Victim of Crime Form; therefore the investigation is not valid go back to work or call the victims - ordered by the judge.

Billions wasted on Data Mining when victims come knocking at your door
Suffered personal injury Threat of Personal Injury and Death as The Result of the Criminal Activity of X-Governor Rick Perry 

The Same Day
Terrorism Investigation the Jurisdiction is the FBI
Alerted DHS Brussels Iranian V-Chip I Head South Gave Her Directions to the SAPD Standing on every corner of the Alamo 

Before The First Shot Fired

Chapter 4: Privacy The Shaw-shank Redemption
First Post 2013

Privacy Why It Should Concern You! Texas Stalking the Wrong Cell Phone Number

*Abbott and Costello Ride um Cowboy

If You see It on  Sony and Turner Don't You Believe It - the Subject of Deception on the Verizon Sunset
*"The months of September October and December of 2012, I realized what actually happen - just a heads-up by PSYOP on my TV! I should have kept my head down, now I know what is like to be tortured by Electronic Devices or why we need NSA to ward off such attacks be they domestic or foreign - Concerning Santa Claus, He Exists!"

Chapter 4:  Alerted DHS Brussels Iranian V-Chip I Head South Gave Her Directions to the Alamo 

She's Still Out Running Round 

She Wasn't Just Another Women She Had 32 chips 'Rice Krispies' (Not Exactly Meat or Electronics)   Under Her Skin

See Dr. Hall San Antonio Texas

In California v. Cariole (1986), the United States Supreme Court determined 5-4 that the aerial observation from an altitude of 1,000 feet of a fenced-in backyard within the curtilage of a home, conducted without a warrant, did not constitute a search. 

Three years later in Florida v. Riley, the Supreme Court ruled that police officials do not need a warrant to observe an individual’s property from public airspace “Over-flights that comply with FAA regulations might nevertheless constitute searches if they were to involve “undue noise, wind, dust, or threat of injury” or to reveal “intimate details connected with the use of the home or curtilage.” The “Satellite Surveillance: Domestic Issues” report  addresses potential civil liberties violations not only from surveillance.(

Reconnaissance satellites, first deployed in the early 1960s to peer into denied regions of the Soviet Union and other secretive enemy states, have from time to time been used by civilian agencies of the federal government to assist with mapping, disaster relief, and environmental concerns. These uses have been coordinated by the Civil Applications Office at the U.S. Geological Survey, a component of the Interior Department. Post 9/11, the Bush Administration has sought to encourage use of satellite-derived data for homeland security and law enforcement purposes, in addition to the civil applications that have been supported for years. In 2007, it moved to transfer responsibility for coordinating civilian use of satellites to the Department of Homeland Security. The initiative was launched, however, apparently without notification of key congressional oversight committees.

Members of Congress and outside groups have raised concerns that using satellites for law enforcement purposes may infringe on the privacy and Fourth Amendment rights of U.S. persons. Other commentators have questioned whether the proposed surveillance will violate the Posse Comitatus Act or other restrictions on military involvement in civilian law enforcement, or would otherwise exceed the statutory mandates of the agencies involved. Such concerns led Congress to preclude any funds in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008 (H.R. 2764, P.L. 110-161), from being used to “commence operations of the National Applications Office ...until the Secretary [of the Department of Homeland Security] certifies that these programs comply with all existing laws, including all applicable privacy and civil liberties standards, and that certification is reviewed by the Government Accountability Office.

In the early morning hours of May 28 2011, a friend and I were sleeping when something woke us about 3:00 a.m.

We lay perfectly still and both said, “Do you see that?” 
We started comparing a strange but pleasant experience. 
“It feels like I am flying,” my friend said. 
“Yes,” I agreed. It was like a video game with pictures of nature, 
“I feel like I am in aerial photos of the [cattle pasture next to us].” 
“What do you see,” I asked my companion. 
“I’m not sure,” she said, “but it feels great!” 

Without another word, we sat up, turned our heads and looked at each other, then moved our feet off the opposite sides of the bed in unison. We both got up and walked to the living room and I turned on the TV. Then we both sat at attention to watch it! 

What came on the TV screen was a small square you normally see for previews in the upper right of the screen. A rerun of That 70s Show was on and two of the young characters were talking about mind reading devices and the headsets and tracking devices the government may be secretly developing. 

The balding actor who played the father jumped into their conversation.
“Government!” He repeats louder, “Government!” He leaned close to the two kids and said, “If government tells you to stick a tracking device up your ass, you shove a tracking device up your ass and say God Bless America!” 

My friend and I both turned our heads and looked at each other nodding in patriotic agreement.

I automatically said “That’s right; you say no sir, I want two tracking devices shoved up my ass – God Bless America!” 

We turned off the TV and went back to bed. The next morning, we discussed what happened and I made a video to mark the date and time of the occasion and posted it on YouTube 


Overcome by the idea of being an experimental guinea pig, I posted the story on web blogs and bombarded some social web sites with the story of our experience, which was real. The intrusion into our own minds was real; we can give testimony to the fact that two people witnessed the exact same thing at the same time! 

Many Americans who been harmed by these invisible crimes place blame on NSA because of the secretive nature of their business.

Much latter, in the months of September October and December of 2012, I realized what actually happen - just a heads-up by PSYOP on my TV! I should have kept my head down, now I know what Electronic Torture is all about 
or why we need NSA to ward off such attacks be they domestic or foreign - Concerning Santa Claus He Exist! 

In summer of 2011, a Brussels woman in distress buys a one-way ticket to San Antonio and tries to enter my home with an Iranian V-Chip. Several people got her the help she needed and Dr. Hall of San Antonio finds over 32 tracking devices in her body. 

After reassurances by phone she was safe, I head south and gave her directions to the Alamo. That same day, the governor of Texas stalked my father and members of our family by low altitude drones from my father’s 
cell phone number I gave a Barcelona Animator and Governor Rick Perry has yet to make amends for stalking my father for two years. The Governor of Texas NOT NSA had been hacking my computer sense 2001. The State of Texas corrupted web pages and destroyed a small business that brought me down to complete financial decimation.

I wrote the following note to my State Senator, who passed my message on to Governor Perry. His response was to give an interview with the Texas Tribune, in which he talked about believing the devil exists.  

Do you have ancestral roots in South Central Texas? You might want to eat out less this week and invest the savings in a tank of gas and spend some time in La Salle County reading tomb stones of pioneers laid to rest atop the biggest oil/gas boom to hit Texas since the 1950’s. If you take the beaten path of I35 south towards Laredo you’ll occasionally see empty farm houses and closed businesses dotting the landscape, a constant reminder of Bush era tax cuts to the wealthy and Big Oil tax exemptions that contributed to the biggest global meltdown since the Great Depression. 

You cannot help but wonder where these people are now and whether their children are some of the 30% of Texas high school students who drop out before. 

To find the court records for rightful heirs to oil and gas rights, go to the old school house in Cataula where all the handwritten records are now stored and available to the public. These records date back to when the Nueces River—not the Rio Grande—was the actual border between Texas and Mexico If it’s too crowded and the wait is long stop by the Cataula library dedicated to my great grandpa who was in charge of land grant distribution appointed by the Texas Railroad Commission. 

Take the scenic view South of San Antonio by way of Somerset down rural route 1333 and you might get lucky like and spot a UFO like I did on July 7, 2011. That made me the first redneck to sight a Texas border Drone. This was not a coincidence. The aircraft descended to tree top altitude to get a reading of our family automobile license plate and photographs of the occupants. We were being stalked by NASA’s global geospatial tracking of individual targets. This was not target practice or a routine run. 

I later improvised a YouTube video to alert all residents the governor has placed South Central Texans in danger and how the theft of oil rights and making illegal drilling decisions continued. But what should disturb Texans the most are these drones that frequently go out of control and crash into whatever lay below. Even so, the Department of Defense hopes to have FAA regulations in place so that drones can fly in Texas by the year 2015. 

I wondered who was piloting the drone that was targeting me once again. On-Star has yet to pay damages to consumers who bought their GPS product with a strict guarantee that the devices would not be used to track or share information with the State of Texas or any government agency. 

Maybe the stalking had something to do with the new University privacy regulations concerning disabled students, shoved under the White House carpet before Barack Obama stepped it on it: 

"all students with disabilities will be targeted for unofficial staff breaches, which includes disabled veterans like me."

 I hope to find out soon after writing to my representatives concerning ”oversight” after they damn near killed me few times. The new regulations should be applied while you attend school not for three continuous years or a life-time after graduation. 

Texas fusion centers are just like the Hotel California—you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave. If those high school students knew that their student IDs were tracking cards that could make them a lifelong target, they would all seriously think about the benefits of being home schooled! 

We had it pretty damn good less than a century ago. I stopped by the Brush Country Museum in Cataula, Texas, and was looking at a model of great grandpa Ramsey’s Artisan Wells farm house. It provided a window into our past that shows before the automobile and electricity, we had the ways and means to live a healthy, balanced, meaningful life in concert with nature without the dependence on oil or gas. 

Don’t miss the collection of Texas veterans that includes soldiers from the Mexican American War, through Vietnam. I promised the museum that next time I would bring a picture of my father to hang next to his Silver Star that is already framed and hanging on the wall. He was honored for dragging two wounded Marines to safety despite bang shot three times through the back by the enemy, which was actually Chinese soldiers defending a frozen lake in North Korea called the Chosen Reservoir. 

If you don’t believe me come on by and I will ask him to get off his tractor and pull up his shirt. When I was a kid, I could put my finger in deep in all three holes and he told me and my brothers that he served for us and none of us had a duty to go to war, but hell we didn't listen and joined up as soon as we could. 

And now I wonder if the Patriot Act really keeps us safer by stalking down like Texans like wild feral hogs by NASA’s global geospatial tracking of individuals? 

OR - "Why we need NSA to ward off such attacks be they domestic or foreign - Concerning Santa Claus He Exists!"