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Thursday, June 4, 2015

VERK Texas Communication Interoperability Failed Application

By Any Means VC15173054 
Ken Paxton Attorney General Texas
'*I Can Only Say What You Understand'
© by G. N. O'Dell

By Any Means 
All Other Means Have Failed
VC15173054 Ken Paxton Attorney General Texas

The Texas Victim of Crime Has No Way Knowing Which Crime the VC Number such as VC15173054

a. The Texas VC Number does not correlate to a specific crime and victims have no way to respond intelligently

b. The Texas Victims Crime Documentation Unit never responds to any inquiry (As a caregiver i process several people through the same systematic failure) 

c. There is no Texas Victims of Crime Advocate or Representing Attorney – Law Enforcement is not Legal representation

d. The State of Texas Hacks the Victims home including illegal activity described by congress Intensive Interrogation that leads to torture over-time knowingly to the victim
Reported to The Honorable Ken Paxton Attorney General and the Honorable Dan Patrick Lt. Governor of Texas

Hand Carried to the Honorable Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th Office and the Honorable Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti by the victims before and after sworn by affidavit before a magistrate in a Texas Court of Law