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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The X-files stolen to harm, protect, and/ or discredit at any whim of Texas Cover Illegal Ops

Hacked from my Account I Call the X-Files: The Quick Fix is to end “The Bush Tax Cuts to the Wealthy Now!” Put it to a vote to the people. The majority that is unemployed and prove once and for all t the wealthy few create jobs only when they pay for the services they use for free with a higher tax bracket! In Texas, the “Rick Perry Tax Plan Failed” just like the “Bush Tax Cuts To The Wealthy Few!” If the wealthy few are the privileged that have free access to Public Works they should pay for these services just like everybody else!

“175. But suppose now that the computer scientists do not succeed in developing artificial intelligence, so that human work remains necessary. Even so, machines will take care of more and more of the    simpler tasks so that there will be an increasing surplus of human workers at the lower levels of ability. (We see this happening already. There are many people who find it difficult or impossible to get work, because for intellectual or psychological reasons they cannot acquire the level of training necessary to make themselves useful in the present system.) On those who are employed, ever-increasing demands will be placed; they will need more and more   training, more and more ability, and will have to be ever more reliable, conforming and docile, because they will be more and more like cells of a giant organism. Their tasks will be increasingly specialized so that their work will be, in a sense, out of touch with the real world, being concentrated on one tiny slice of reality. The system will have to use any means that I can, whether psychological or biological, to engineer people to be docile, to have the abilities that the system requires and to "sublimate" their drive for power into some specialized task.” 

I am convinced that our leaders have this false belief that the majority of people of the United States and on a global scale are tied in with a personal computer and the majority of which can be notified by social networks such as Facebook.

The reality is that the majority of the United States as well as the world does not use, own, or have access to the internet or do they have a desire to do so because science has failed in developing a machine that can produce accurate information Kaczynski calls artificial intelligence. In fact, our current network is losing information faster than we can load it into the system.

I am also a firm believer that the rush in to computer automation without human intervention was the root cause of unemployment that upset the whole social order of the times accumulating to a climax in fall 2008 known as “Global Economic Crisis.”

Computer applications of today, are not reliable in any way or fashion to promote employment of those that have labor skills, who are the majority of the unemployed and are healthy willing and able to put in a hard day’s work growing food, laying rail, construction, repairing road ways, and reconstruction projects of our infrastructure which are the majority of Americans that are unemployed.

Perhaps, we cannot get these programs going because they are public work projects that are traditionally the financial burden of the State and the wealthy few are content with more security to protect their own assets than to invest in public projects even if there is a huge return on investment.

It makes good sense if the price of gasoline keeps rising only the wealthy few will be able to own vehicles and utilize these public works so it is logical that they pay more in taxes for the use of public works such as hospitals, roads, public building, air-conditioning, hospital facilities, airports, universities ect… that the majority of the unemployed cannot afford to use. The additional revenue from these taxes can be invested in public works and put these people back to work NOW.

We all know that homeland security has gone completely out of control that it takes two workers to watch one worker. The police ratio has become a political employment buy votes” overstatement when we have 5 citizens to 1 police officer ratio.

Most importantly, small businesses that build a strong economy have declined because the capital bar has been raised so high, mom and pop shops cannot enter the market if they wanted too, and believe me they do. Even the Unabomber agrees with the idea that everybody wants a piece of the American pie and willing to pay the price of hard work to get there.

Specialization  Separates Us To Point of Being Noneffective and Texas State has become a Danger to The Public By Bio Weapons used for political targeting See Papers embedded Below 

The X-files stolen to harm, protect, and/ or discredit at any whim of Texas Cover Illegal Ops

Research Done By Me As Follows or Why I Say The Things I Do

Every Investigation I called for I was never invited in as the manipulated documentation to their own delight, placing and family in harms way! The only saving  grace was the United States State Department! That why we have separation of powers!

The horror that followed I would not wish on my worse enemy - Myself and handful of others or the only valid cases most occurred in  Texas