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Monday, September 16, 2013

Dead Psychiatrist Tell No Tales

Hyper-surveillance Can And Does Permanent Harm Only A Dead Psychiatrist Would Know the X-files My P.C. 2010

There is a logical connection to the recent Fort Hood Shootings and Virginia Tech Massacre, Hyper-surveillance can and does permanent harm. Federal law enforcement officials thinking the suspected shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had been killed, prematurely leaked to the public that Maj. Hasan was a military target of advance hyper-surveillance techniques and equipment developed in Texas. This billion dollar program was just recently used to track a Yale murder suspect just to make him sweat; even though the FBI knew his exact location. 

The new domestic surveillance research program is probable cause for the biggest spike in campus violence after the publication of the Secret Service threat assessment landmark study in 2004, and has now compromised security at Fort Hood Texas leaving 11 dead and 32 wounded.

The original Washington head count was 31 wounded until a recent hospital report indicates the suspect Nidal Malik Hasan  was not killed in the incident, and is in stable condition which is bad news for the Bush Domestic surveillance research program. Dead Psychiatrist can tell no tales, but if and when he recovers, he could very well be the expert witness for a badly managed Texas covert domestic surveillance program that has inadvertently cause the deaths of hundreds of innocent Americans. 

The American justice system checks and balance structure has been comprised over the last eight years by integrating local Police, FBI, CIA, Military Intel, Secret Service, and Homeland agencies into a signal pool of intelligence operations based in South Texas. These agencies are responsible for specific strategic missions that must be delineated from the others or the security of our nation is in serious jeopardy. The Fort Hood shooting is the latest example of mismanagement of military intelligence by failing to question or investigate Army officer Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan concerning a threat that he may have posted on the internet as follows: 

“AP sources: Authorities had concerns about suspect By LARA JAKES (AP) – 1 day ago: WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement officials say the suspected Fort Hood, Texas, shooter had come to their attention at least six months ago because of Internet postings that discussed suicide bombings and other threats.

The officials say the postings appeared to have been made by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who was killed during the shooting incident that left least 11 others dead and 31 wounded. The officials say they are still trying to confirm that he was the author. They say an official investigation was not opened.”

Other Agencies such as Campus Police and FBI housed on the same campuses have delayed investigations when intelligence sources identified threatening behavior that could of prevented the Virginia tech Massacre and Illinois tragedy as a letter to Senator Cornyn of Texas suggest: 
“The Honorable Senator Cornyn United States Senate c/o The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States of America

Thank you for your recent correspondence which details your letter to President Obama concerning the "Fishy" activities program at the White House. You bring up some really good points concerning the data collection that may identify someone as an adversary to the better good or even a threat as is routinely done on every college and university in Texas. I have been writing you letters for two years concerning students that have been targeted and criminalized as threats by way of email and essay monitoring by CUBIT or the new College University Behavioral Intervention Team. In a nut shell, when a student writes an essay or responds to request from faculty or even causal emails to friends, the information is monitored by a software program that points to certain words or phrases and identifies the student as a threat or potential campus shooter!

Let it be known that President Obama may not be the best representation of the people but in the case of Texas citizenry, he is our only option to voice our concerns if you continue to ignore our request. Last year, a student after paraphrasing Tomas Hobbs in an essay was removed from San Antonio College by a Texas Court Restraining Order. Most importantly, a man was shot and killed in a San Antonio Library in October last, because the shooter went crazed knowing that all his communications had been monitored for “fishy” content and only derogatory statements were collected to build a case against the writer. Nothing that is being stated here justifies his murderous actions but it shows that hyper-surveillance of a student can and does permanent harm!”

The police, FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security Agencies all have specific law enforcement Missions and Resources that work well within their own jurisdictions but become muddled when these agencies act as a singular police agency compromising security at an alarming rate, especially after the introduction of private security firms to the South Texas pool in May of 2008, detailed in notes extracted from a San Antonio Express News Article as follows:

“How some law enforcement officers come to believe they are medical psychiatrist that can predict criminal activity using anti-terrorism "free for all" data sharing – a necessary evil and police corruption for the better good? You know just like China *Media links from MCCLATCHY "China calls Tibet youth group "worse than bin Laden". That's like saying US college campuses are breeding grounds for terrorism.” 

“Case In Point A 

Ex-FBI chief urges unity to fight

Former FBI Director William Sessions told the heavies of local law enforcement and security businesses congregated at the Oak Hills Country Club on Thursday that the new realities of international terrorism require constant cooperation among all agencies and with private firms. 

“If you have a nit of sense, you know there is no dividing line,” said Sessions, the former U.S. attorney here and one-time federal judge who led the 
FBI from 1987 to 1993. 

“We must share, we must find ways to do it” Sessions said, referring to the importance that intelligence holds in a post-Sept. 11, 2001, world. “We must find ways to do it.” 

Case In Point B 

And the top local cop was Sgt. Thomas Calucci of the University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department, who headed a team formed to identify folks on campus with psychological issues who could pose threats. 

Meanwhile, Sessions, now a partner in a Washington blue-chip law firm whose own FBI tenure included some widely criticized excesses, told those gathered that it was ncumbent on cops themselves to police their own behavior. “We're trying to tell the world what the rule of law is,” he said. 

Case In Point C 

Ex-Secret Service Agent Writes the Book on Campus Violence that increased 100 fold after publication starting with the Virginia Tech Massacre and continues to rise. Dr. Marisa Randazzo co-director of a landmark federal study of school shooting and is co-author of U.S. Secret Service/ U.S. Department of Education model of school threat assessment that predated Virginia Tech and Recent Campus Violence. 

Case In Point D 

NCHERM, The National Center for Higher Education Risk Management uses Randazzo's publication as a bible even tough the information is completely erroneous and has caused 100 rds of deaths on US Campuses. NCHERM plans to incorporate and NEW and Improved behavioral assessment systems based on the same EX-Secret Service Agent publication that will create more disasters!”

The public first noticed Texas Police State symptoms in 2006 when reports of abused disabled students where brushed off by Texas Politicians as exaggerated claims reported by the Office of Civil Rights to Rick Perry Governor of Texas. These politicians were in complete denial of actual police reports of rapes, beatings, and murder inside Texas protective institutions. To resolve the problem, a Texas commission was formed and the group planned to resolve the issue by re-naming ‘disabled students’ as ‘mental impaired patients’ which spurred a naming and necessity lawsuit against Texas for collecting blood DNA samples that may be used in the future to terminate pregnancies of the same people of this class. 

In early 2008, head line news reported graduates from the same Texas Schools for the disabled where placed into bondage on Turkey Farms in Missouri and lived in deplorable conditions while their employers pocketed their Social Security Checks. 

In April 2009, Governor Rick Perry supported a Tea Party Revolution and succession from the Union, accusing the Obama Administration of oppression under the 10th amendment that excludes constitutional amendments that actually protect Texans from Texas Oppression which incorporates Federal Agencies such as the FBI to enforce those protections which were once again muddled because the FBI, Police, and Human Service agencies are still pooled together as one law enforcement agency creating a Texas Police State. 

The public began to realize that not only are these agencies collaborating with each other, and private firms, but Billions of Federal dollars were now controlled by the State of Texas which limited the control of the budget resources from the singular pool of resources that limited the control of Federal dollars for specific missions appointed by congress for  agencies such as the FBI.

Most importantly, and it is reasonable to believe, that by combining these Federal Agencies in one big Texas pool, those agencies would need less people and dollars to function; but to the contrary, and our disbelief, the collaborations revealed billions of Federal dollars with no accountability. With great haste, the police, FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security Agencies need to be delineated with specific boundaries and if need be, relocate each of these agencies or schools in different states to avoid another catastrophe such as the Fort Hood shootings that left 11 dead and 32 wounded on the grounds of the largest and most secure military base in United States of America. 

Shooting suspect Psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was undoubtedly involved with the development of the bogus Secret Service Behavioral Threat Assessment Landmark Study that probably drove him off the deep in that will make him a key witness to the corruption.
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