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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Texas has a contract with Adobe to read your personal information sense 2001

The State of Texas The Real Hackers 

Texas Has Been In Your Computer 
The Whole Rick Perry Tea Party Term

The state of Texas has been illegally collecting and sharing information about you well before 2006, and protected from disclosure in Texas as a non-profit or a Private Investigative Firm or the  Texas Governor’s Supremacy order RP08.


Snowden was from Texas?

What Adobe Says Is Not The Reality of Things

Adobe says hackers stole source code, customer data 
Reuters  1 day ago | By Joseph Menn   of Reuters 

Adobe Systems said Thursday that hackers had stolen source code to popular software such as Adobe Acrobat, plus data about millions of customers' accounts.

BOSTON — Adobe Systems Inc. said on Thursday that hackers had stolen source code to some of its most popular software and data about millions of its customers.

Hackers leak credit, debit card info of 3M Adobe customers

Hackers leak credit, debit card info of 3M Adobe customers 
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Security experts worry about the theft of source code because close review of the programs can lead to the discovery of new flaws that can be used to launch hard-to-detect attacks against all users of that software.
Texas Fusion Centers, which are federally funded have been hacking accounts well before 2006, and protected from disclosure in Texas as a non-profit or a Private Investigative Firm with the rights of a person by the Citizens United ruling.
The Supreme Court has ruled not all Corporations have the rights of a person, which includes those contracted by the DOD, Homeland Security or NSA. The dangers of such were first noted by the public as reported in headline news by the Associated Press, July 5, 2011 "Private detective in UK tabloid hacking scandal issues apology in Guardian newspaper" concerning the hacking of a 13-year-old girl.
Recent Congressional investigations last October, may have put a stop to the Texas Fusion Center hacking, that have yet to uncover one single terrorist threat; otherwise, these Fusion centers are in violation of unwarranted searches, which have and can bring harm to fellow Texans.
Texans have seen this abuse Post Vietnam era and it was not until our own legislators started to complain about aerospace speeding tickets, that the Privacy Act of 1974 was applied to the fullest extent of the law in Texas. When a state or Federal representative’s own family members are jailed or face criminal charges from unwarranted searches without due cause, we see swift changes on the way expressed law in Texas is applied.
I recommend you read "Google Tells Cops to Get Warrants for User E-Mail, Cloud Data" By David Kravets posted today at this link:

The article was an open invitation for me writing this blog, because professional Texas journalist are brow beat or fired for saying something negative about the Governor of Texas.
I am not a journalist or an attorney. I am a Human Rights Activist not by inspiration but out of desperation! If I needed an attorney in Texas, I would have to raise $50,000 just to challenge constitutional Civil Rights and Liberties, that are supposed to be enforced by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Section or the FBI!
These Federal Agencies are so overloaded (Pg 18) to the point; one has to be killed for them to investigate, after the fact. We can compare their case priorities to an emergency room, and if you just have a cold or a Civil Rights complaint, you will be sitting in the emergency room until doomsday or you are sent home with aspirin.
Much of the violence we are seeing in Texas, starts with simple Civil Rights violations at the street level, which escalates to point people arm themselves and harm others. In Texas, Civil Rights and Liberties are violated as if they do not apply in Texas (pg 19) and people are seriously abused or another senseless death occurs.
The overriding authority for Rick Perry Supremacy EO RP08 can be understood after reading "U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights (12/2006) By Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton:
"Human Rights belong to people collectively. To believe in rights for some and not others is a denial of the humanness of people worldwide. Yet, denial is exactly what Congress and George W. Bush did with the signing of the Military Commission Act of 2006. The new official US policy is that torture and suspension of due process are acceptable for anyone the president deems to be a terrorist or supporter (Now Includes Peaceful Occupy Activist). This act is the overt denial of the inalienable rights of human beings propagated in our Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. More so, US actions declared to the world that the US suspends human rights for those it believes are evil (Phillips)."
Full Article
The ACLU sponsored a Texas Road Trip such as the civil rights activist did traveling to Mississippi in the 1960's last year, and at the end of the dusty trail scratched their heads and reported back "Everything Is Broken." The truth is everything in Texas is bias under Governor Rick Perry Supremacy EO RP08, rightfully put into place after the 911 attack and is still being used to override common law, based on religious beliefs of the Governor or what he believes to be 'evil' not necessarily shared core beliefs (Murder, Torture, Exploitation,Theft or what we all believe to be true).
This is the answer every journalist has been asking for when thy approach Texas Governor Rick Perry, "You seem well like outside your state but not very popular in your state, why?"
Another danger, even if you have done no wrong, are Texas Private Investigative Firms known as "Private Dics" by those that have been harassed by Texas GOP political targeting. Texans were bombarded by Romney Dollars vested in these firms to hack or collect data about you and used for political targeting.
These were not mere irritations of privacy because once that information is collected it can be sold, hacked by a third party, or the custodian of those records is breached or mishandles the data such as the case last week.  A Federal worker misplaced a storage device such as a laptop after transporting the data to her home, opening 500,000 individuals to recent phone calls threatening law suits from third party private college loan collectors [from memory I do not have the reference article detail or source document handy].
Keep in mind, once you cross that Texas border the year may be 2013; however, by law in Texas you travel back in time to 1876 (Parh 20).That is one of the many reasons the United States Attorneys General’s
Office gets so many complaints from Texas.
Further, if our own Congressional Representatives or Senators do not respond to our pleas of injustice, then the only other option we have is a plea to the President of the United States. Of course, these complaints are handled by the White House Administration (Pg 5) not the President himself, and simply fall through the cracks referring the person in crisis back to the State of Texas.
Thousands of Texans suffer from the Iron fist of oppression, with or without due cause, based on the religious interpretation of what the Governor of Texas believes is ‘evil’ based on his own religious beliefs, compounded by the fact there is no separation of powers in Texas between the justice department and the Governor Supremacy order RPEO8.
The state of Texas has been illegally collecting and sharing information about you well before 2006, and protected from disclosure in Texas as a non-profit or a Private Investigative Firm or the  Texas Governor’s Supremacy order RP08.

Gregory O'Dell 01/24/2013