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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thanks IHOP Cup Was Behind My Passenger Seat Just Like You Said

Special Conditions for Domestic Terror
The Things These Apps Throw At You 02/12/2014

Fact and Fiction
It  is a fact that a trespasser enter my property at least two times in the twilight hours and left me a symbolic gift behind my passenger seat linked to the abuse of Senatorial Powers Extortion is a fact - poisoning is fiction confirmed after i posted by a phone call by the VA hematology Department
Not Free Speech
The Enemy Will Silence You By Any Means

Laced Coffee Cup Returned After Two Years
Got A Threat "Look  behind Your passenger Seat"
I expected an explosion but found my missing IHOP Cup

5. bacteria In a returned IHOP Cup told to look behind my seat and there is was - been sick sense or maybe it was the............. Go To This Link:

Why They Took It Two Years Ago With  The X-Files
From my P.C.
Ignorance - half the world and 1/3 of the USA can tell you what this traditional hand sign means

The Following Posted In 2010 Nothing On This Page Is Newer Than 50 Years Old
Homeland was Alerted 

Dr. Frankenstein Human Experimentation of The People of Russia Fact or Fiction

Homeland Security Don't Tell Us You’re The Last To See This
Translated From Russian To Spanish To English by Google Translator

I don't see anything in this document, other than the observation of the medical effects of someone Tortured by Electromagnetic, High Intensity Sound, or Gasses’ Chemicals. It could be total science fiction; however, this is circulating on the web; everybody else has seen it, so why don't you take a look at it? 

There are no specifications, drawings, or technical application schemes that could to be used to design and manufacture any of these systems, if they actually do exist. What concerns me, are foreign private sector firms they mention, just like in America, that could build these devices, and you should be already on top of this. 

Microwave attacks have been going on sense the 1980's, that is why every Federal Building installed special glass on all the windows, which is old news reported by a CNN Televised News Presentation thirty years ago.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Ph.D., Professor
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
www. Korotkov. org
tel / fax 7-812-7648369. tel 7-921-9368394

Analysis of materials submitted by ............................................. ....................... 3
Effects of the influence of infrasound ............................................ ..................... 5
Equipment for generation of electromagnetic oscillations .................................... 8
OVEN Microwave ................................................ ........................................... 11
Implant sites ............................................... .................................................... 13
Outlets ............................................... ............................................................ 13
Special conditions for domestic terror ............................................ ................. 15
DESTRUCTIVE METHODS ................................................ .............................. 20
Types of irradiation ............................................... .......................................... 24
Electromagnetic radiation ................................................ ............................... 24
Modulated pulses ................................................ .......................................... 31
FORCE PROTECTION ............................................................. Psychophysics 43

-3 -

Analysis of materials submitted by a family beset with electromagnetic energy

The biological influence of electromagnetic fields in the range of low and ultra low frequencies is certainly proven by numerous experiments. Came a special assignment - non-ionized radiation biophysics. The investigations are being conducted in many scientific centers. For example, when a biological object influenced by the magnetic fields of the given size, testing sequentially the different frequencies, the frequencies are clarified that biologically effective and very little active. This made the list of special frequencies to which the organism is very sensitive. It arose in this catalog is known to geophysicists frequencies: 0.01 Hz to about 8 Hz

This principle of reaction of living systems is known for some time and is widely used in biology to control the functions of the biological object, and in medicine - for therapeutic influence. But in the case of ultra low concentrations and intensities of physical factors in some sectors of the tuning fork can be seen above the maximum biological activity. Among them are located "quiet zones" in which the reaction of living organisms does not appear. The nature of this phenomenon is unclear. But now, thanks to the efforts of Russian scientists from the Institute of Biochemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, were defined main peculiarities of the biological effects of ultra-small doses:

-4 -

- Dependence "dose-effect" is not monotonous, poly modal nonlinear, characterized by the existence of active forks and "quiet zones". In some cases this dependence is bimodal: the effect increases with ultra small doses, then, increasing the latter, is reduced and replaced with "dead zones". Then increases again. Sometimes, in the dose dependence is observed phase "change the sign," which means: if in the range of ultra low doses shows the active influence of the factor, in the case of gradual increase first dose is observed depression and then activating again some biological functions;
- The sensitivity of the highest order by the action of various physical and chemical agents in the range of ultra small doses;
- The dependence of the "sign" of the primary effect of bio object.

The acoustic oscillations during the measurements are in the range from 50-70 decibels, but some peaks reach 116 decibels, which is a measure influential physical state of the person. As shown in the measurements, the oscillations are most active in the pitch of low frequency (0.1 to 16 Hz) in addition to the amplitude of these oscillations is changed during twenty-four hours reaching its maximum parameters in the early morning hours and dawn.

For that reason, there is little possibility that these oscillations may have a connection with the activity of industrial mechanisms, which ceases at night. Nor is there much likelihood of relationship between these oscillations and the natural activity of the atmosphere by the damping of the oscillations of infrasound. Most likely you can draw conclusions that the "peaks" in the low pitch

-5 -

are often related to the influence of the special equipment and oriented.

-6 -

Effects of the influence of infrasound

It is necessary to consider that the ancestors of human beings representing sound the alarm signal and indicating a potential hazard. At the same time is rapidly activated sympathetic-adrenaline and heart-blood, the gas exchange process and changed the other types of processes (was increased in the blood sugar and cholesterol), preparing the organism for fight or flight. Only the sound of 60-90 decibels short time causes the secretion of pituitary hormones that stimulate the production of many other hormones, such as catejolaminas (adrenaline and noradrenaline) activates the function of the heart, vessels constrict blood pressure rises (PA). In addition, an increased pressure more pronounced in patients hypertonic and people with inherited susceptibility. Under the influence of noise disrupts brain function changes the character of the EEG, low perception ability, work capacity of the brain. Observed a worsening of digestion. Depending on individual sensitivity value people as unpleasant noise or causing discomfort differently. However, the music and language of 40 -80 decibels, of interest to the listener, can be overcome quite easily. Importantly, the unpleasant consequences not only cause too much noise in the audible pitch oscillations but ultra and infrasound on the pitch not audible (more than 20 000 Hz and less than 16 Hz) also causes of stress, discomfort, dizziness , change of operation of the internal organs, especially the cardiovascular and nervous system. It is confirmed that residents of neighboring districts

-7 -

to airports definitely suffer from high blood pressure more often compared to quiet district of the city.

The length of the infrasound wave is quite large (in the frequency of 3.5 Hz it is 100 meters) and penetration into the tissues of the body is also great. Figuratively speaking, the person hears the infrasound with the whole body. Quite effective in terms of influence on the person, the use of the mechanical resonance frequency of oscillations elastic less than 16 Hz, usually not oíbles. The most dangerous thing in this is considered the range of 6 to 9 Hz psychotronic effects are most noticeable in the frequency of 7 Hz, which is in unison of alpha rhythm of the natural oscillations of the brain, with all that, any intellectual work this case it becomes impossible. The low-intensity sound causes nausea and ringing in the ears, too, worsening vision and unconscious fear. The average intensity sound breaks the digestive organs and the brain, causing paralysis, general weakness and sometimes blindness. The elastic and powerful infrasound can break and stop the heart. Generally unpleasant sensations begin from 120 decibels of power and those traumatized - from 130 decibels. Frequencies below about 12 Hz with the power of 85 to 110 decibels provoke attacks of nausea and dizziness, and from 15-18 Hz with the same intensity inspires a sense of fear, insecurity and, ultimately, panic.

The rhythms are characteristic for most organ systems of the person are located within the infrasound pitch:
Heartbeat 1 to 2 Hz

-8 -

Delta brain rhythm (sleep state) 0.5 - 3.5 Hz alpha brain rhythm (tranquil state) 8 - 13 Hz beta rhythm of the brain (mental labor) 14 - 35 Hz [6.138].
Under the influence of infrasound also vibrate the internal organs. The pace of the intestine is also within the pitch of infrasound.

Doctors are called attention to the dangerous resonance belly, which appears with the oscillations of 4 to 8 Hz lungs and heart are resonance systems of volume, like any other, and therefore tend to heavy fluctuations in the case of coincidence of the frequencies of its resonances with the frequency of infrasound. The infrasound smaller resistance of the walls of the lungs at the end can cause deterioration.

Brain. In this case the picture of the interaction with the infrasound is especially complicated. A small group investigated was proposed to solve simple problems first under the influence of sound with frequency below 15 Hz and approximately 115 decibel level, and then under the influence of alcohol, and finally, under the two factors to same time. He was given the analogy of a person influence of alcohol and infrasound radiation. By influencing the two factors while the effect is increased and the ability to do intellectual work elemental worsened considerably.

In the other experiment was found that the brain and can enter into resonance with specific frequencies. Apart from the resonance of the brain, as an inert body resistance, it was discovered the possibility of effect "cross" of the resonance frequency of the infrasound waves and p, which exist in the brain of each person. These waves are clearly biological in the EEG and their characteristics on doctors conclude

-9 -

brain diseases. There are opinions that stimulation biological casual wave to the proper frequency infrasound may influence the physiological state of the brain.
Blood vessels. In this case there are some statistics. In the experiments of the French physiologists acoustic and the 42 young men during 50 minutes under the influence of infrasound in the frequency of 7.5 Hz and 130 dB level. In all tested showed the remarkable increase of the low limit of blood pressure. At the time of the influence of infrasound fixing the exchange rate of heart contractions of breathing, weakened the role of sight and hearing, fatigue, high or deterioration.

Equipment for generation of electromagnetic oscillations
Equipment for generation of oscillations such high power can be produced industrially or individual orders. Generators sinusoidal low frequency signals of transistors, generally formed according to the scheme known by everyone as a bridge scheme with chain RC phase inversion. As regulatory element block is used alternative dual capacitor high capacity (up from 750 to 1000 pF) or double resistor alternate. For example, the signal generator of low precision frequency G3 - 110 is a source of electrical oscillations of high frequency sinusoids with installation and frequency stability in the range from 0.1 to 1999999.99 Hz discretion (variation ) installation of the 0.01 Hz frequency signal generator corresponds to the Quality Standards 10501-81 and

-10 -

manufactured in Russia. Produce similar equipment in Europe, USA and Japan. That device is widely used in radio engineering. To influence the person is necessary to manufacture a special emitters, which is not difficult. The equipment is low-volume, portable, requires no special installation conditions. The distance function is hundreds of meters, but the emission intensity decreases with the length. It is possible to use the car radiator generators, powered by the voltage source.


-11 -


-12 -

OVEN Microwave

Microwave oven (or oven-SAF) used in their work to heat the food, the electromagnetic field, which is also called microwave radiation or radiation-SAF. The working frequency of the radiation-SAF is 2.45 GHz radiation precisely to the fear many people. But the modern furnaces are equipped with enough protection, which allows the electromagnetic field not go outside the boundaries of the workload. But you can not say that the field does not come out of the oven absolutely. For various reasons one of the parts of the electromagnetic field passes to the outside and generally more intensely through the door in its bottom right corner.
Of course, the long and steady influence of EMF sources mentioned above, the person throughout life, leading to various types of diseases, primarily cardiovascular and nervous system of the body of the person. In recent years, within the diseases that occur over time, most commonly are named oncology.


The primary means of secret terror is the remote psychophysical influence in order to damage health.

-13 -

Placing a few devices on the networks of community or common constructs an apartment building may need to enter the apartment away. The above can also be made from the basement, the attic, the neighboring apartment, in order to achieve various goals, such as performing remote psychophysical influence the helper or members of your family, inserted in the communal networks and transmit to Through these various substances, observing the behavior of people living in the apartment and hear the conversations, act on appliances (telephone, television, computer, washing machine), recruit and organize residents psychological pressure and secretly penetrate the apartment of the helper.

The task force installed in the apartment special devices - radiation emitter, emitting acoustic noise effects, compressor for the transportation of special substances. The electromagnetic generator acts on people and pets through the modulated pulses. Its focused beam penetrates through the walls and tear down the object mentioned. The transmitter is used for acoustic sound transmission toned. The compressor is used for transportation to the apartment of chemicals with the objective set, special purpose gas, air cooled, water, substances from dust, hair, insects. For deployments that are common props and building structures. The appearance in an apartment tonados sound, characteristic for the heating supply pipes and water sounds water discharge to the pipeline, drilling sounds, siren, shock and light flips on different objects has nothing

-14 -

to do with the implants and their placement. These sounds are transmitted through the emitter distance acoustic (ultrasound beam). Places of implants • water downpipe downpipe gas • • downpipe pipe • Downpipe heating ventilation shaft • • Network channels power transmission • doorways • corners • window frames out holes • faucets sinks, toilets, bathtubs • dumps sinks, toilets, bathtubs • dump water fixture • slots in the tank fixture stove tops • Gas • holes in the joints of the pipes • holes around pipes

-15 -

• holes on window sills
• holes in door frames and corners (top and bottom)
• vent
• slots in the frame
• lighting
• outlet slots in

output places - inputs and outputs of the networks engineering community - are the faucets, holes in landfills, ventilation grills, stove tops gas, slots and holes are secretly entering the apartment. The transfer of different substances by engineering communal networks is via the route aqueous or air. By air to move substances apartment of dust, hair, insects, water pipes, microorganisms and chemicals defined purpose, which change the composition of piped water (acid-base balance, boiling or other features). It also regulates the temperature and pressure of hot and cold water. Special purpose gases move as well as by air to water through piped water.

Special conditions for domestic terror

1. Powders
2. powders
3. gases

- 16 -

4. end-use chemicals
5. bacteria In a returned IHOP Cup told to look behind my seat and there is was been sick sense
6. virus
7. endoparasites
8. insects

1. Special powder. In domestic terrorism is used dust dispersion, industrial manufacturing, packaged in aerosol form. Substances in powder form of industrial manufacturing, domestic dust mimic. There are two types of artificial dust - and often long fiber. Substances in powder form long fiber strands accumulate dust. The powder is dispersed artificial often not only a local, adheres to the inside of clothes, socks and tights in the bed, on the cover. The substances in powder form are intended not only to create unsanitary conditions, they contain microscopic blood-sucking insects with the air penetrate the airways of people.

2. Special substances in powder form. While the person is bathed, the water pipe is added prickly dust rust color or no color that sinks to the bottom, causes unpleasant sensations and traumatized skin. The prickly dust granules poured into sheets and added to the cosmetic cream.

3. Specialty gases. Special diluent gas is destined for willful damage of different items. This special gas is colorless, odorless,

- 17 -

traces of use. The diluent gas "eats" the paint, putty, glue, causing metal corrosion, damage the surface of the skin of the person, destroys personal protective radio articles. The special gas to damage the shoes is actively used. This gas "eats" up the chrome surface of the sanitary appliances. Form holes in clothing. Come without a trace of wood lacquer, paint and putty on the walls. Causes corrosion of chrome sanitary ware.

This very special gas used against the person, absolutely painless and without realizing the victim. If the gas is supplied in front for example through the slot in the bottom of the door frame side of the fixture, suffer the toes and nails. The result - the skin is going to be hard and scaly. The cause of skin problems like the victim is unable to understand. Doctors either. If the diffusion of gas is direct damage arises in the form of point on the surface of the skin without pain, to show the blood. Besides the special gas dry nasal mucosa. We recommend using the closed house shoes. It is necessary to seal the holes discovered in pipe lines and sanitary equipment. Usually the holes are made in the bottom of the pipe. In the case of investigating the pipe in the area of ??limited extent, use a small mirror.

4. The end-use chemicals added to water the pipe at the time of collection to prepare food, wash or take a shower. Depending on their type they change the composition of water, to wash the stains set of clothes and crushed, color-changing food. These are the bases, acids and specially developed

- 18 -

additions to the modification of the water. Depending on the addition, modification of the water pipe causes an increase or decrease the temperature of boiling water evaporation unnaturally rapid burning of the food, changing its color and odor neutralization.

5. Bacteria. For willful damage products are specialty chemicals used in aerosol form of different bacteria. They are intended for food spoilage. The food in the apartment the decay in the smart way. How? Not all but the selected shape. The deterioration of the product may be complete or in some points. To this solution is used by bacteria that is a clear liquid with no odor, like water. That is the result of the development of a special lab for diversionary operations. The product changes its characteristics depending on the type of bacteria. Here are the professional methods of deterioration of food products - hardening, softening, mold coverage (green or black), putrefaction, fermentation, converting powder. If these bacteria are to putrefaction, fruit rot completely. The pan flute treated with special bacteria can become black powder, hard as stone and can be covered with black or green mold. With such methods deteriorates meat, fish, pottage, butter or other products.

6. Virus. Actively used the different viruses that cause serious diseases. The most typical skin diseases, respiratory tract, inflammation of the lungs or other. The methods of spreading viruses - through contacts in public places (aerosol)

- 19 -

and without contact (secret visit to the apartment and through the engineering community networks). They use different virus - a simple herpes virus and cytomegalovirus to Epshteyn-Barr virus. As primary symptoms including rashes may not be present, because viruses are intended to damage internal organs. The fact of the willful infection with a virus is impossible to prove. Very often used the virus that causes herpes on the lips and in the sexual organs. In the case of non-contact method spreads the virus to visit the bathroom. Thus the sexual organs are infected with herpes. The virus arrives via the toilet water. Transportation under pressure is performed in a completely silent. The infection can be performed both in the bathroom of the house and the public. Special services also use other viruses that cause whole body rash with itching. Without knowing the real cause of the disease is impossible to cure. Respiratory disease is suffering from very acute especially inflammation of the lungs. The disease develops quickly, with high fever, coryza strong, sneezing and segregation of humor.

7. Endoparasites. Bacteriological Terrorism is premeditated use against different virus helper and endoparasites, including sucking and heartworm. The goal - psychological pressure, lower defense, infection with skin diseases and for diseases of difficult diagnosis, training of the view that the helper is mentally unbalanced. Transportation routes - non-contact (through water or air via a network implementing

- 20 -

communications engineers) and contact (treatment of personal things in secret penetration to housing). Special services using diagnostic endoparasites that feed on hard tissue. For example Dirofilaria repens - worms like sub cutaneous hair and other parasites on the body that form sores from healing. With them infect the inner parts of the tights, gloves, socks, towels. For infection premeditated common ectoparasites are actively used - blood-sucking insects.

This is necessary to emphasize that some modulated pulses, causing impact on the skin, broad spectrum as a rash with small gray dots. They are used in order to mimic the symptoms of scabies. Itching is periodic but is removed by itself over time. Other modulated pulses on the skin are unique reddish spots that cause pain. The person never feels. The itching is periodic, to spend several days the spots disappear by themselves. The modulated pulses are used to mimic the leaps of fleas on the body or the tickling of a fly.

8. Insects. In premises used as housing the helper, often spread insects - cockroaches, fleas, moths, spiders, flies, ants, guasazas, etc.. Insects come to the place by air - transported under pressure through pipes, vents, water pipes, special slots of buildings. This method is used to propagate silently sucking insects when visiting the helper your bathroom.

- 21 -


Near trend means that the remote influence is performed on all family members and relatives. Have good relationships or bad does not matter. The most important thing is that they are relatives. It's a very clever tactic: a member of the family is subjected under the influence psychophysical distance in the harsh regime (of torture). He realizes the influence at a distance, account and tries to protect itself in some way. Other family members are covered in a soft regime. They do not realize or feel this influence. This tactic ensures the safety of psychological technologies, facilitates the formation of opinion of those present on the main subject of psychological illness, said their complaints or neutralization of remote settlement without traces of violent death: heart attack or brain, etc..

Terrorism is the organization tacit acts of terrorism, systematic sabotage and psychological pressure on the subject in the place of your home, work, school, vacation, treatment, public places and where he goes.

Radioolor is the influence over the victim with bioelectromagnéticos or irritating odors.

- 22 -

Burn distance. A burn may appear as a flushing during the night in the legs, arms, or genitals. Or it may appear in some certain circumstances. For example, when the victim is above the water. The superficial burn appears immediately and painlessly. Then bother with the reinforcement of pain receptors. You can talk more about the heinous cases of irradiation of the people at home. For example, the effect of microwaves. Heating a cell and between cells, then heated zone of influence for over 50 Celsius. The effect of microwave was invented for use in war conditions, but they make people suffer by this method in their own homes.

Terrorism is terrorism radioacústico permanent victim with the same sounds. To transmit sound signals are used emissive objects. In particular, the emitter radioacústico. Objective: psychological pressure, formation of opinion of those present on the subject of mental illness. With the help of ultrasound bundle of acoustic signals are transmitted or grow. Acoustic signals are transmitted to considerable distances. They are used most often acoustic signals of type drill works and mining pick, hammer, step by coating noise of water in the pipe, knocks on the TV, computer or lamp. The subject's actions on the floor may be accompanied by the sounds sung very similar to those of the pipe, flow of water in the toilet, moans of different types.

- 23 -

With the help of bundle of ultrasound enhances the clarity of speech or his neighbors making love, steps up the ladder on the porch, banging, noises of the street. Another area of ??using the acoustic transmitter - falling objects on the floor, breaking of glassware.

The bioelectromagnetic influence is an influence of heat or information about a person with modulated electromagnetic pulse of a certain frequency. The influence is performed on the resonance frequency of own vibrations of viscera of a person. Contactless is the influence which is performed at a considerable distance from the irradiation source. The specialists use the term "influence outrageous." The new technology weapons and emissive objects are used in order to address tacit a person's behavior, physiology and health status in normal living and working conditions.

Influence of biological objects, including a person with two methods: Informational and heat. In the intensity that is lower than limit values ??of the hot effect, the electromagnetic field has so-called informational influence. The physical influence is realized as consecutive modulated pulses. They fall on a person like drops of water during rain. The modulated pulses directed at a particular point on the body - the body, blood vessel wall, biologically active points, etc.., And radiate it and then go to another and so on. Bioelectromagnetic weapons are invisible non-marking use. Afectante factor are modulated pulses that penetrate through the walls.

- 24 -

The influence of the media psychophysical RF remote is used for different purposes. For example, to the address hidden from the disposal of a person and their health status, behavior programming, population regulation, settlement of undesirable people with no signs of violent death, creation of car accidents. There are many options: radiovoces inculcating in the mind (voices of others), submersion in radiosueño (sleep schedule), creation of different disorders (cough forced forced diarrhea, sneezing and hiccups forced), development of organic disease (heart attacks, brain, cancer, diabetes, kidney dysfunction, etc.).

Moobing Estate

Dwelling houses is the main site of irradiation. Right here at night the irradiation is performed on the system drive (of torture). The tactic of influence at a distance is the same everywhere. In 2004 the Society of Victims of electromagnetic weapons issued a "reminder microwave crimes" in Germany. Puts it: "Experience has shown that people who use weapons and items equal emissive act. The victim was first elected in a close apartment radiates from a car parked nearby to give advantage to the aggressor. Executors are chosen specially trained to do. hire the bystanders psychological pressure. You can rest a little out of your own apartment. The victim note irradiation on certain parts of the floor. Especially next to the windows.'s trying to avoid. Then note that haunt him in his own apartment. The victim tries to avoid irradiation. But it is impossible to live in this house.

- 25 -

Types of irradiation

In Article 6 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On weapons" are the types of radiation in which the influence basa afectante of weapons and emissive type:

- Electromagnetic;
- Light;
- Heat;
- Infrasound;
- Ultrasound.

Electromagnetic Irradiation

IUA - ultra high frequency radiation are decimeter waves, frequencies of 0.3 to 3 GHz, penetrates deep into tissue activating cancer cells. IFA - super high frequency radiation are waves of an inch, 3 -30 gHz frequency, influences the biological power has a frequency of 1 - 35Hz, causes central nervous system dysfunction, pathological changes of the viscera.

- 26 -

IMA - very high frequency radiation are millimeter waves, frequencies of 30 - 300 GHz, penetrates little, cause psychological problems. X-rays penetrate the most, cause memory dysfunctions.

We should also mention EMC measures. The co-chairman of the Moscow Committee of Ecology of housing Petukhova Alla says: "Where complaints, we stress measurements of electromagnetic fields according to the EMC component. For this we use the industrial apparatus P3-18. We have already set several times that irradiation with residential buildings is of a premeditated and special handling. Plus, the density measurements of the energy flow on the floors of a number of districts of Moscow have been considerably the limits of admissible norms , proposals for industrial conditions. to measure ionizing radiation apparatus used the "Master-1" and a combined device current RKCB-104 functioning as dosimeter and radiometer. "

The International Alternative Court recommended to measure the energy current density ka: electromagnetic radiation can easily discover the devices. For example, ME 3030B or 59B HF. If instead of the top 20 v / m recorded 100-150V / m, these measures can be live yet. Normally, the CC puts the power transformers 200-1500 v / m which is harmful to health. Our commission recorded 2000 v / m in the story of the victims.

Heat radiation

- 27 -

Is the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the energy inside the object with a definite temperature. The wavelength is up to 2 mm in the infrared spectrum. The heat radiation is rarely used for psychological terrorism. So we can leave.

Irradiation of infrasound

The wavelength is 17m, lower frequency than 17 kHz. The issuer is the generator of acoustic infrasound and ultrasound. The man does not hear, but perceived. So the physiological effect on the body is done secretly. All the living and nonliving reacts to the influence of vibration: sound and electromagnetic. Or combinations thereof. The strongest influence is made by low-frequency vibrations (infrasound). A man reacts as any biological subject also to the external pulsating pressure infrasound. In our body each viscera has its own resonance frequency. Eg 7Hz - resonance of the brain, 6-8Hz - resonance of the kidneys, 4-6 Hz - resonance of the heart, 2-3Hz - stomach resonance, etc.. Furthermore, the frequency of vibration of each individual cell is individual. During irradiation using the mechanical resonance of elastic vibrations with frequencies lower than 16kHz. Are dangerous frequencies of 6-9Hz. When the external source of infrasound matches the resonance frequency physiological cell viscera, the resonance effect appears. The cell begins to vibrate with a higher amplitude. Consequences - functional disorders.

- 28 -

Depending on the power of the transmitter, vibration intensity, disposition, and type of organ irradiated, the resonance frequencies of a variously affect the body of a person. With the use of ultrasound can put a person in the state of horror panic for no reason. How to defend? With the influence of ultrasound in the area of ??the ear, experts advise using ear plugs. Until we are afraid that with this method of defense as accessible, the use of infrasound generators in police operations have no effect.
Ultrasound irradiation

The wavelength is less than 0.01 m, the frequencies are higher than 20kHz, cause dysfunction of the CNS (central nervous system), with pulses of higher power can lead to death. The use of ultrasound devices with dimensions of a pocket lamp on dogs and rats, no surprise. Everyone can purchase this product through the Internet. Experts are not happy: if we change something in these devices, you can get rid and neighbors. Ultrasound frequencies higher than 30kHz man no longer hear, but it reacts. In psychic terrorism using frequencies higher than 100kHz. Mechanical qualities are used heat and elastic vibrations. The noise generator is used with two operation modes: General and directed. In the general scheme used ultrasound to worsen and health status of the immune system and oppression of all people who are in the range of the generator.

- 29 -

The law directed the ultrasound beam is fixed at the close of influence. Affects only the object addressed, causing headaches, sleep and breath violations, and other dysfunctions. It feels subjectively as minimal vibration and unpleasant. The vibration does not pass through the body, but a definite part. You can be the stomach, chest or leg. The beam pulse action set is used to influence the brain of the person treated. If the objective is different, for example, the liquidation of the subject, modulated pulse goes to the heart area in order to stop it. In this case we use a portable sound emitter. This way you can kill a person even in the place where many people in the football field and on stage. A distance. The victim has no signs of violent death. The executors call this kind of death "clean", without resorting to any process on the de facto death.
Modulating role in the development of CEM bioefecto

The electromagnetic security specialists indicate that the numerous publications confirm the important role of the resonance effects of EMF influence on bioobjetos. In particular, the influence of some forms of modulation in the bioeffects. Special features: existence of frequency windows and ultra current amplitude with a high biological activity at the cell level (it is more harmful to the central nervous system and immune system), the reporting mechanism of the biological influence of the CEM, the reactions pathological people to electromagnetic fields

- 30 -

modulated. The results attest to the possible amendment of the bioeffects of EMF under the influence of a number of factors of physical and chemical nature. The combined action of ultra-intensity EMF and other factors also cause pathological reactions in the body of a person. Research certified high biological activity of CEM in all frequency tuning forks.
EMC parameters that influence the biological reaction
- Intensity (dimension) of the CMS;
- Modulation of the signal;
- Frequency of irradiation;
- Combination of frequencies of EMF;
- Frequency of irradiation;
- Duration of irradiation.

Health standards of the CEM. They established the following rules for electromagnetic radiation in the Russian Federation: 5 v / m for dwellings and 25 v / m for industrial buildings. On the basis of establishment of RDE is the principle limit the pernicious influence of EMF. As RDE measurements are taken with daily irradiation do not cause changes in people's health. Depending on where is the man about the source of EMF, can be subjected to the influence of consistent electrical or magnetic field or combination thereof. In the case of stay in the wave zone is subjected to the influence of the electromagnetic wave formed. This signal defines the criteria necessary to the security checkpoint. In the instructions how to perform the control is

- 31 -

indicated that control of the levels of EC is performed according to the voltage measuring EC. The control levels of CM is performed according to the measures of CM - H, A / m measures the magnetic induction. Control is performed according to the density of the energy flow in the area of ??the waviness.

Type weapons and items are emissive in the special list of the nomenclature for the factories of the military - industrial complex. They are accessible not only to individuals but also for epidemic-service organizations and health departments of the Ministry of States of Emergency.

- IFA generators;
- Emitting Laser, infrasound, ultrasound, x-ray super-high frequency, wave length of a millimeter and submillimeter, and radio pitch ultrasound, infrared, ultraviolet and gamma   isotope;
- Receivers of radiation of all types of pitch;
- Transformers irradiation of ultrasound and radio in the sound and visible;
- Special devices for transmission of image data through the channels of telephone, television and radio;
- Apparatus for splicing signals transmitted receivers and televisions or computers and other equipment;
- Control of the existence of radiation of all types of power.

- 32 -

Modulated pulses

Generally, a person does not get to see, hear - perceive any way bioelectromagnéticos modulated pulses. I want to emphasize that this occurs as a general rule there are exceptions. Bioeléctromagnéticos pulses are directed to electromagnetic signals between different torque ranges of modulation. These pulses affect the brain, internal organs, spine, blood circulation, nerves, muscles, joints and skin.


? They are distinguished by

thermal characteristic: Thermal and information carriers

penetration depth: internal and surface

perception: invisible, tangible and painful

configuration: point, spherical, linear

force mode: sharp, vibrant, acoustic, which produce feelings of oppression, suddenly, click, burning, odor perception.

Bioelectromagnéticos modulated pulses are divided into two types: carriers of information (do not cause tissue heating) and thermal (cause heating of tissues).

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Information carriers pulses are generated at low levels of electromagnetic field and thermal at high levels. The impulses that carry information are a primary means of psychophysical exert force at a distance, the heat pulses are added to them. Generally, the victim not perceive information carriers pulses.

However, there are specific impulses that cause sensations of contact, which become very diverse. The person wrongly perceived as if it were a nuisance caused by fleas, mosquito bite, splinter in a finger or a speck in the eye. Pulses carry information can also be painful. In this case it would be spasms in muscles or internal organs.

The thermal force is contemplated under three types of severity: mild, torture and death. In the case of light intensity, the person feels hot, sweating drops of sweat to have eyelids, but is unaware that the cause is an external force. Typically, microwaves are aimed at the chest or spine, although any body part can be achieved. Mild intensity microwaves are used day and / or night, even when the target is sleeping. The person does not wake up, your body just reacts. In the morning the victim wakes up with sweat-soaked pajamas, back, hands and feet sticky. In the case of intensity of torture, microwaves are directed for a second point to a biologically active, for example, the solar plexus. Appear severe pain and shock.

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Effects of the force dysfunctions
at the physiological condition
physical pain



cold sensation

high or low blood pressure, blood temperature high or low

enhanced or decreased sensitivity of pain receptors

tears of an organ or tissue



introduced alien voices and acoustic noise


Peculiarities of force

Marks left by force - it is skin defects on the affected spot. Appear from the beginning of the application of force to stop it and disappear. The characteristic symptoms are hardening of the internal tissues and increased sensitivity of the epidermis. The hardening of the tissues may vary. When, for example, it is the head, would be flat, but prominent and hard. At the top of the

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 backbone appear a lump the size of a walnut. If the force is exerted in the lymph node behind the neck, tightening would be the size of a pea. In the case of exercising the power in the eyes or nasal mucosa, the hardening is not appreciated, but still can be seen the increase in sensitivity. Also, the modulated pulses are used to deform the face. In that case the force is directed to the facial muscles below the eye, which produces an asymmetric swelling. These marks can reveal if the person has been subjected to a force or distance. When you feel tired, touch your neck. A hardened and prominent lymph node as a pea in the back or a lump at the top of the spine indicate that psychophysical forces you target distance.

The modulated pulses with narrow spectrum approach is aimed at a single point. What does this mean? The target of the force is simply a point! To affect one or the other, the modulated pulse strikes it in a small point, which is sufficient to cause malfunctions. Usually the pulse modulated pressure on the wall of blood vessels. This temporarily leads to inadequate blood flow to one or another organ. In the case of thermal impulse, heating occurs internal tissues. When you stop exercising the power, reset the affected organ function.
The modulated pulses may activate or block the functioning of blood vessels and internal organs. If the pulses are arranged in the kidney, you'll get sick of going to the bathroom. The pulses can alter the

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organ function not only during a short time, but so long. If it is constipation, no laxative not remedied. In the case of amenorrhea in a young woman, will not help you no hormonal pills.

The modulated pulses can override the dream or the opposite: to fall into a deep sleep involuntary induce any kind of sleep and wake up so forced.

The impulses that carry information and points of application

loss of ability to reflect short-term impulses directed to the left of the crown. "I do not hear about anything" - say the victims in these cases.

amnesia for a short period of time: impulses directed to frown.

severe headache: pulse directed to the blood vessels of the head.

dull headache: pulse directed to the temple (right or left)

heavy head feeling: impulses directed at the neck.

introduction of radiovoces (voices of others): the point is not determined, probably in the middle of the forehead.

introduction of radiopensamientos (involuntary thoughts): impulses directed at the forehead above the left eyebrow.

visualize what the victim is watching: probably to the left eye

radiosueño (sleep schedule): at the center of the forehead

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cause sleep state: not determined

cancel the dream: to the left of the crown.

a forced awakening: a carotid artery in the neck to the left or right.

state of aggressiveness to the bottom of the neck.

state of depression: the artery of the left or right shoulder.

state of irritability: the pulse pressure genitals.

forced tears: to tear in his right eye.

forced cough: pulse directed to the neck from the side (left or right), sometimes directly into the throat. By driving force to the neck artery, causes a sudden dry cough, which immediately sent to stop the momentum. Thus, the victim suffers these attacks of coughing when eating at night and in public places such as in transportation, a meeting, theater or an examination, not left alone or when having sex. The throat is swollen, but the cough causes suffering to the person "tearing" the throat and lungs, you crazy - is torture. What can you do? We will use bio! To begin, find the affected spot. Is usually a point on the neck below the ear. Palparemos this area. At the point affected skin will be sore, but that pain so you can only feel when you press with your fingers right on the spot.

block speech: impulses directed to the vocal cords on the side of the neck can occur when the victim remains an important conversation. The result depends on the objective pursued, from the

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change in the timbre of his voice to vocal cord spasms. Under these conditions it is impossible to maintain a conversation. In any case, everything happens in an instant. No cough. The force is directed to a single point in the throat area (on the right or left). Would need to be grasped with both hands the neck on both sides to block the force applied.

forced sneezing: impulses are directed from inside one of the nostrils. The affected person usually sneeze 2 times. Percuten pulses at the same point where eventually there is a small painless sore.

forced yawn: impulses directed to the upper lip cause severe involuntary yawn. This force can be blocked turning to methods of biosecurity as a deep sigh or covering the mouth with the palm of the hand.

forced hiccups: an impulse directed to the area of ??the throat causes a sudden hiccup only: this does not last long enough to block the force.

Chronic fatigue: the impulses directed at the top of the spine (artery of the same) cause chronic fatigue. The affected person gets tired quickly, reaching up in the morning tired and not feel like doing anything and can spend all day lying

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in bed with eyes closed (eyes closed is a characteristic symptom).

Forced aging: impulses directed at the thyroid gland (in the front of the neck). In exercising the power in the thyroid gland, you can quickly get the victim to the state of premature aging. In addition, the outward signs of aging like gray hair, deep wrinkles on the face, hands and neck would be minor issues. The entire body including internal organs, is subject to the aging process. When you stop applying force in the thyroid gland, the body returns to the state for their biological age. The force applied to the thyroid gland with a beneficial intensity can rejuvenate a person in just one day.

pain in the heart pulses aimed at the heart area causing a characteristic pain: the victim is prepared to die, but the doctors do not find any pathology in his heart and give a diagnosis ridiculous "irritable heart." The force applied for a long time or a powerful impetus leading to infarction.

blockade of food intake: the impulses directed to the center of the esophagus block the movement of food and water intake. In these cases the complaint is typical: "I can not swallow." If a radiograph, the image looks like the liquid is "stopped" in the esophagus. The diagnosis is ridiculous, "irritable stomach".

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noises in the stomach: impulses directed to the abdomen.
forced flatulence: impulses directed at the abdomen or buttocks. The force applied to the blood vessels causes digestive flatulence.
forced urination: a series of impulses directed to one of the kidneys stimulates the accumulation of urine, causing frequent urination and plentiful. The victim goes to the bathroom all the time, day or night. The pulses are directed to the same area.
intense urge to urinate: oppressor type pulses directed to the bladder.
urinary incontinence: powerful impulse led to the urinary tract: results appear automatically a few drops of urine in his pants.
involuntary flatulence: impulses directed to the anus.
sleeping hands: impulse directed to the area of ??the wrist (where you take your pulse) lead to a feeling of a hand just asleep, but very strong. By stopping the drives, the sensation disappears. In this case there is no phase advance of needle sticks to the sensation of sleeping hands. These Games NORMALLY HAPPEN AT NIGHT.

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objects that fall from their hands: nerve impulses directed to the right hand (the exact point is in the middle, between the wrist and elbow).
Cold Feet: directed impulses to blood vessels of the foot near the bone. In this way the feet are frozen until you're in bed. To remedy some decide to take a hot bath, others are made socks or "valenki" / nt boots boiled wool fat - typical Russian footwear to walk in the snow in winter /. The correct method to follow is the use of protective templates. Put them into socks near the bones.

change in the threshold of pain impulses aimed at pain receptors increase or lessen the pain reflex anywhere in the body. When increasing, can become unbearable pain of a simple step-father, a splinter or a callus. A simple puncture needle in the buttock can be unbearably painful as if it were torture.

spasms forced: powerful impulse directed to the blood vessels of internal organs or muscle tissues (brain, heart, stomach, lungs, kidneys, groin (left or right), genitals, back muscles, lower back or twins). The pain is acute and short-lived. The more powerful the impulse, the stronger the pain. The typical behavior of the victim in this case is to go running to a doctor, not finding anything unusual after this exploration. It

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day used to slow the physical activity of the victim and night to torture.
flea trouble: the pulses are perceived as a jumping flea. It does not hurt.
a speck in the eye: the pulses are perceived as the inconvenience of a speck of dust in the eye. It does not hurt.

Heat pulse
local heating of tissues: the heating of the various parts of the body occurs in an instant: the victim feels a sudden heat. This process is followed by a rise in body temperature and an abundant sweating with subsequent lowering of the temperature in the affected area without leaving any trace. Against the target is used both during waking and during sleep.

burn on time: it can be internal or surface. The burn is internal tissues sudden heating to 45 ° C at one point, without altering the adjacent tissues. At the time of application of the impulse is felt unbearable pain, then go to - shock of pain. This use of microwaves is patently offensive use. In this case no trace either in the body or clothing. At the time of application was not seen in any way. After a few days away on its own. Going up the intensity and increase the duration of the application form a festering sore. The usual area of ??application are the sexual organs and the

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legs. It is very painful. Requires cure and straightforward. Locks with the help of metallic fabric "Metacrón".

Local burn: superficial, can be found in any area of ??skin. It does not extend beyond the anatomical limits of the affected organ. Usually based on microwave scorch the sexual organs, anus, retina, face and oral mucosa. In the face and other body areas, the burn is pink, under the tongue is red, and genitals has a burgundy tone. At the time of application is not perceived in any way. Disappears by itself within a few days.

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The protection is divided by types: technical, and medical-screen effect biological method of use: fixed and mobile time period: permanent and temporary

surface: fully local

Technical protection: is the use of technical devices that operate on the same principle that issuers of torque. There are a lot of publicity about these means of protection, such as: specific installation of acoustic wave absorption, biological safety device "DAR", "Gamma" and self-generating mobile twist "EFIR." Protection screen effect: it consists of the use of some screens or barriers that absorb or reflect radiation; give more details on these in a separate article.

The anti-radiation safety professionals recommend the following measures:

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keep your distance: Keep clear as possible to the source of the electromagnetic field.
short exposure time: do not stay near the source of the electromagnetic field for a long time.
reduce the intensity of the radiation of the electromagnetic field: make use of protective shields, and parts made ??of a radiation shielding material.

To protect the electromagnetic field screen following the method uses two types of material: reflecting the radiation (this is the iron, steel, copper, brass and aluminum) and the absorbed (films and fabrics with metallic cover). The latter are more comfortable and provide greater security, its scope of protection has a higher range. In recent years have appeared on the market metallized synthetic fiber fabric quality radiation shielding materials. These fabrics are produced from solutions by metallization of fabrics of various fibers. The protective fabric is lightweight, resilient and reduced thickness. Can be used with other protective materials.