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Monday, April 7, 2014

Why I Am Still Alive

Why I Am Still Alive

I blog everyday and try to say something positive and helpful but these hack attacks have to reported by somebody so I do and others do also.

See the first blogs 2009 Mexican Nationals and Texas Nationals on both sides the sides border must use the web to cut through and kick howler and scream. 

An apology went out from the media that blamed the blogger that was quartered and her head place on Rock with article under it. She blog for protection it was only way to communicate to law enforcement because corruption on both sides the border. Why be so obscure when Texas has every email and document image or whatever collected illegally to do harm not help or why i had to go to the FBI. 

I have a very good relationship with my local police office now.

The statement made by the media was a sincere apology and encouraged people like me in these situations to blog to Public Domain That includes LAW ENFORCEMENT.

These handgun accuracy advertisements unsolicited by me on my blogs? I am not shooting at anybody with these facts that Texas has failed over again for whatever reason to resolve these issues other than death threats and other hideous abuse I have reported properly by protocol. 

Protocol: Report the criminal allegation to the police or sheriff's office if they do not respond contact the FBI

When we get hacked we report it IC3 

When We Get A Violent Threat And The Police Do Not Respond We Contact The FBI That is What We Do!