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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Greg Abbot Needs To Pay His Tea Party Crimestoppers Bills The Partys Over

They Brag About Jobs But Don't Pay Their Bills

Thank You Congressman Pete Gallego NSA Update
Intrusive Acts That Harmed The People of the State is
Not NSA but 
The Governor of Texas Rick Perry

1. I have been waiting Six Years for my life savings of $120,000.00 to be paid back by the State of Texas along with the settlement for ADA retaliation with Deadly Force.

2. I am due by law a very large sum of money for rewards leading the arrest of several Terrorists and Criminals Crime Stoppers or Texas Victims of Crime have not paid as of this date 04/05/2014

3. I Am Due VA entitlements that the state of Texas committed fraud on Federal Forms delaying what is due me for over ten years (Lt Governor David Dewhurst is an Honorable man and I am sure he reported the same when i did. Just like me and my father with no communication with each other, just good Military training went straight to the top when threatened a third time)

5. I Am Due a very large sum of money for information and the arrest of employees of Big Pharmaceutical Companies and Mineral Right Thief from the Elderly in Texas

6. A voucher in advance for an attorney to collect the money due me not to sue but to collect by law

Gregory O'Dell 830-429-1965