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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Calls Homicide Detectives New Evidence and Jehovah Witness Come Knocking 12/31/2015

“If the Jehovah Witnesses can find my house but FedEx cannot maybe they can find Jesus”

 Wallgreens RX 3321745-02458 11/06/12 Found Just Like the Replaced DVD Player "Old DVD Players for New (Pack-rat Thieves)" See Below The Evidence is overwhelming to witnesses but the breachers an't got a clue or does the homicide department when they do not return phone calls. The message read add to police report 15-01097 and tell me what to do with the evidence still holding for your call. FBI Tip 07:09 01/01/2016
Pirates Breachers The Last Nail In A Dead Man's Chest
"By George!"
  This documentation Completes This Part of the Investigation

Have a Warren Burger On Me
Agnes, Michael, and David B. Guralnik, PHD, eds. "Webster's New World College Dictionary." Webster's New World College Dictionary. 4th ed. Cleveland: IDG, 1998. 195. Print. 50th.
Audio Recording Adds Words of Wisdom

A roar of conversation erupts while the much-awaited
sandwiches are procured. Each peel back the brown paper disguising important distinctions between one sandwich from the next -- those with mayo, without mayo, with pickles, and so on. Then without a word, each guest folds the sandwiches back together and begin enjoying their lunch as if one mind sharing the [Illegal edit Copyright theft ] same essential thing.

Packrat Burglar Traded Old for New 
The Last Nail In A Dead Man's Chest

'May God Continue the unity of our country as the railroad unites the two great oceans of the world. 
Inscribed on the Golden Spike, Promontory Point, 1869.' (Page 23 of a USA new passport)

[Become Illegal State Militia Such as White Supremacy Generals ect.. ext.. ]

1. A person who commits Burglary

2. Burglary 

a. The act of breaking into a house at night to commit theft or some other felony such as hacking, breaching your home, or the use of any *Vector

b. The act to break into a building [Private sector Protected by the FBI] at anytime to commit theft, some other felony or misdemeanor


Breacher To Break or violate  (a contract, covenant, ect) 

A "Breacher" is a burglar who commits a felony to enter any home for personal gain, retaliation, evidence tampering, petty theft, stalking, harassment, Financial Decimation, information sharing or to demoralize a citizen of the United States of America. 

Breacher School Location South Texas Now Closed