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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Fallacy of Robotics

Why We Need NSA

The Mayan Hackers
Collect and Sell False Intel
Bring Harm to Others for a Price any Price You Pay Them
They are Used by Drug and Human Traffickers

What Do You Do?
Costly Clay Fusion Experimentations 
DARPA Deep Space Contract 
Planned for Airport Hangar Near Pleasanton Texas

Misspellings can be deadly and hackers commit manslaughter. This note is a classic example

I am sure glad somebody said it! 

Those that knew and did not say anything because they might lose money for an application that failed - then it is Murder by Intent.

07:00 AM 11/24/2014 Information was deleted not by me 'Buy 
Texas Longhorns (Search Box) B000ETMDAC' the private small business sector raped by the 'Global Economic Crisis Scam'  UT Regents and Texas Leadership as 'Perry writes the biggest hot check in Texas History' make these people Pay the Money back!

Take Senator Cruz off this case and give it to the Secret Service, who is just as anxious to find these killers and fraudsters as We ARE!