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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tea Party Torture Spreads Recess Pieces

2015 The Candy Land 
VARS Breach Texas Hospital Amputation Inch by Inch
TX VC15116765 Uvlade Police Deposition Criminal Charges Fragile Rock No. 187753
Hacks in System Now 03/08/2015
San Antonio FBI Reported 03/06/2015 
Terrorists Return
The Manufacture has a need to Know
contact the FCC I will testify for you
If you want amputated fingers and limbs it Spreads 
“Go out and Get It”
First Post 02/12/2015
'As We Watched'
The use of any product commercial to threaten is a terrorist threat, if the manufacture knows the use of product advertisement in obvious targeted groups or individuals is a clear FCC violation just like Big Pharmaceutical Corp - the CEO goes to prison.

The burden of proof has already been defined and reported to the proper agencies. In this case and they were caught.

One example dated here or why blogs are so important when terrorist are embedded in State and Federal Government.

Posted for the manufacture and employees “who may have known it and said nothing” are guilty of Federal and State Criminal Violations. This one was tracked and the Ping located after the report.

Try not to respond in a similar way to defend such as 2013. Just report it and forget it – The FCC has way to located and makes arrest. Today Reported to the public after reported to proper authorities.