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Thursday, March 26, 2015

1000 to 1 Odds Reagan Is Not President Again

Don't Blame It On Obama
Death Valley DEA Days
[CIA sell drugs like Ronald Reagan to pay me ~ the Ticket]

X-CIA Agent Congressman Will Hurd  Use Resources Not His to Win Election and Terrorize The Public

Government goes on vacation November 17th 2015 while pounded by 
military attacks no response until 04/14/2015 OCR Federal Web Site Hacked by 'THE'
known as Texas High Executive President known hackers - Pay Gregory O'Dell  

3.8 Billion Dollars [CIA sell drugs like Ronald Regan to pay me ~ the Ticket]
USPS Tracking™

He is Dead
Not Censorship or Behavioral Control Human 'Human Exploitation Other ________'
A Law On The Texas Books for 50 Years
When You Go To The Police 
Just Say No! 
'Human Exploitation Other ________'
Put Them In Jail Today
Last Time We Saw His Picture Was On 
High School LSD Tabs
Dropped In Students Drinking Water
See News Sources 1973 Human Experimentation That Had No Purpose 
See Heaven's Gate Culled Like the Frames In The Following Cartoon
Example Copyright Thief
And So Is Death Valley Days 
A Citizen First, A Lawyer Next, and Dead = Who Do Think is the ticket Sheriff?
Still Waiting for that police report 03/26/2015 no response Uvalde Texas
Highway Interstate Hijacking DPS Jurisdiction
I went to the Uvlade DPS office First 
100's of small business destroyed Hwy 90 west
The Hackers Sit Behind a P.C. and Know Nothing

Who Pays Compensation We all Know Texas Victims of Crime Does not Pay Anybody
Who Gets The Money?