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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Confine Ted Cruz To Interrogation Room Right Now Torture of Texans

Governor Rick Perry not NSA Has Been Hacking Emails Sense Jesus was a Carpenter (See Jiva) 

Why Texans Are Forced To Post On Line

I am just guessing have not read it my eye sight has been poor lately Cybernetics and Project Cybersyn

Mr. Kumar continues, “You see, children, some things we know with certainty by way of necessity. We can rely on other things by the same sufficient reasoning, such as my hand holding this flashlight.”

Ms. Jane sarcastically remarks, “I think therefore I think.”

“No!” cries out Mr. Kumar, “Let me put it in simple terms. Try to imagine a square with only three sides. You see, you can’t. A square is a necessary condition.”

Mr. Jennings jabs, “Tell that to a carpenter, like my old uncle Jake. Open any carpenter’s tool box all the way
back when Jesus was a carpenter. Inside you will find a triangle which they refer to by its proper name ‘square.’”