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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kens5 News Large Herbivore Catch of The Day Pan American Railways

Mexico Employment Opportunities for United States Citizens with 
Mexican Work Visas 
s-h-h-h-h Stay out of Country for a year Income Tax Free
Mass Transportation 
Amtrak Hondo To San Antonio Passenger Rail Depot 1998
Closed Year 2000 Dollar Up Gasoline Down and Inexpensive Air Travel
Anthony Fox Secretary of Transportation Spoke About
Crude Oil Safety That Also Had and Has an Impact
Transportation Funding Work-In-Process
Heavy Machinery Up

Money In the D'Hanis Tx Bank

Disabled Job Producers of America "If You Can't Work Create Work for Others"

"A Way To Get to Work Today"

Manifesting the American Dream "Where East Meets West"
The Pan American Oriental Express Northern and Southern Railways
Mass Transportation 
"A Way To Get to Work Today"
The Pan American Passenger Railway

Year 2021
 'That's No Way To Run A Railroad"

South Central Texas Now
Crude Rail Freight More Dangerous Than People But Profits Are Greater Anthony Foxx
By Order of The Caldesdistine Monks
Removed the FBI Does Not Take Attachments
But They Do Follow UP