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Monday, May 26, 2014

Somebody Is Always Watching - Me

That's Me Myself and I
Solid State Declaration of Ind'E'pendence 

That Day Has Come!

"You Cannot Enslave A Man Willing To Give Up 
His Life For His Freedom"

God Bless America!

As my eyes look for a way to circumvent the barrier that blocked public access that I enjoyed as a boy, for a photograph of the historic marker followed the bottom of the fence upwards over the spiraling razorwire  penetrating deep space, aware of my tiny insignificance in the whole of things; heeded the words that Mary had said, “Somebody is Always Watching.” 

We Will Not Rest Until These Treasonous Person of Public
Trust Are Put Behind Bars So They Cannot Harm Again
They Are A Known

The Miscall By The FBI That Put Me On The Surveillance List

Nobody saw this coming not even me, things were indeed just the way Mary had told me, “Somebody is always watching” - the domestic surveillance program developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation led by J Edgar Hoover, would justly identify and link corporate criminals with Chinese espionage as the real enemies of the State.

The 911 Act speed and impact of destruction to global economic health could not have been possible without the incorporation of private security firms and databases or computer applications that were hard wired to favorable responses without an audit trail or any quality assurance systems that once required human intervention.

Total reliance of computer applications gave these private firms or any illegitimate State Militia the disastrous ability to access payment for goods and services without competitive bids or worse, corporations where paid for not providing any services at all except for “accounts receivable” and “accounts payable”  tied to automatic payments from the federal government. 

Many of these firms and government organizations used blanket covers of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot Act. The 911 Free-for-all spending act justified funds and triggered automatic payments without an audit trail or auditors.

The best software applications of today or tomorrow will never break through the linguistic sound barrier of binary associations- to know is to be human. Without a doubt, computer devices that produce artificial Intelligence are useful tools for mankind. Likewise, as recent history has shown, artificial Intelligence has proven to be a very good slave but also a very bad MASTER!