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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Osama Bin Laden 20 Years Not Ten Years


Hacking Right Now 21:40 Hours 05/17/2014

Boggy tv was to loud within 2 miles 11:28 05072014

1. Hyper-surveillance Can And Does Permanent Harm Only A Dead Psychiatrist Would Know the X-files My P.C. 2010

2. Unemployed Underpaid? It's Not That Confusing

3. . The GOP Texas Tea Party "If They Can They Well and They Did"  Chapters 1 - 14 "You cannot Make This Shit Up' by Sworn Affidavit in a Texas Court of Law with Credible Witness

4.Billions of Federal dollars wasted on domestic surveillance that can only report the destruction and never predict or stop a single criminal act."

5. Kathleen Sebelius Has Failed The Disabled and AAPD has become just Another Special Interest Political Machine

6.  NSA It's Not What They Know It's When They Screw Up!

6b. Texas W. Sessions FBI Director Retaliates Disabled Students Traded As A Commodity Like Goods With No Services

6c. The Action The Texas FBI Took Against Me After Reporting Billions In White Collar Crime

6d. The Texas U.S. Senate NSA FBI Sharing Program Federal Manipulation of Data

7. HHS 64035254 Follow-Up After Town Hall Meeting by Congressman Pete Gallego Transcribe By HHS 

Washington D.C.