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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cannibal Police Acquitted Leads to Texas SAPD Police Free Lunch

These People Are Easy To Identify

The New York Police Porn embedding Hyper-Surveillance the Right to ‘Fantasize Eating Other Human Beings?’

1. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott admits to Human Bar-b-queue Porn Embedding Pictures Program in Operation for over Decade post “Fast and Furious” along with Human, Drug Trafficking, Gun Walking Covert Operations a Bush Mandate That by-passed Congress. Call him ask for the repeat admission.

2. Houston Se Private Security Firms Tied to Protecting Drug Cartel GOP Red State Campaign Money Investigation in process from anonymous FBI Tip

3. Oil Refinery Quick Silver Wars in South Central Texas Connected Drug Cartel Texas Congressman Investigation in process from anonymous FBI Tip

Why Human Health Service has fails to Respond to Pleas from Children, Elderly, Disabled:

Title 1: Washington Human Health Services Meeting in Pete P. Gallego Office San Antonio Texas 2012 in Regards to Several Thousand Elderly, Disable, and Children, who own Property and Mineral Rights and many have had death threats if they try to claim them.

Title 2:  HHS Washington Meeting concerning the mineral rights of the elderly, disabled, and children to South Texas bashed by the Tea Party for collecting SSI SDI Social Security, when they Own Texas!

Title 3: Victims of International and domestic Terrorism were instructed to use the new IVERP web site that brought harm to those that participated, mainly to get the facts to the FBI. After retaliation and counseling the victim overtime becomes the survivor and is due by law Cash rewards, an unexpected windfall.

Title 4: The state of Texas has been hacking your personal information since 1999 and that information could be a sealed billion dollar bid proposal from company ‘A’ illegally disclosed to company ‘B’ after hacking by the state and disclosed to company ‘B’ that wins the award and so do those that illegally hacked and disclose the private information.

Title 5: Cash Rewards Reporting Bio Hazards by Law “The use and existence of such equipment reserved by the DOD and is classified and breached each time these devices are used as experience by the survivors of these device find their way to the FBI and a matter of record by many other agencies and court of law open to public domain.”

Title 6: ADA Retaliation with Deadly Force: Washington Human Health Services Meeting in Pete P. Gallego Office San Antonio Texas 2012 in Regards to Several Thousand Disabled Students Stalked On And Off Campus and the Lack of Legal Representation Paid for By Federal Dollars, concerning billions of dollars that were not spent on the disabled.