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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Night of the Living Dead 08/10/2014

Remember The Magic?
Beyond Binary They Just Can't Get There

“State Rights, State Rights, State Rights” the March cadence of The Texas Tea Party that does include your rights as a Texan.  Face Value: Hacker Prompts changes text to threaten ‘Country Hick’ AND OTHERS, “Financial Decimation by the State of Texas. YES!” This is all I have -Stop

Financial Decimation 

“Financial Decimation by the State of Texas” YES! – [The threat is Future Tense because all the threats I have received have been future Tense or did the threats of the past that include Death and Financial Decimation of Texans, satisfy their lust for torment and torture of Texas victims by the persons of interest [The abusers who are now a known*]

Because they did not responded than that means [“We will make it hard on your whole family” and they did and still are by intent and should be book and post bail for the schedule court date - now not tomorrow we talking about real terrorism] 

They know because I just talk to them.

This threat could mean another terrorist attack on my person or a broader range. This is a worthy post by material witness[s] of several acts of mass destruction sworn in court by me and others, the facts as follows:

The Treat to Me and those I support August 9, 2010: “Financial Decimation [of the subject of a report that consists of thousands of Texans that have been abuse or dead] by the State of Texas” YES! This is all I have -Stop

Points of Interest: Remember the Logic

i. “Every transmitter is a receiver and every receiver is a transmitter”

ii. “Texas Aerospace Surveillance can only observe 10% of the reality of things within the domain of the Empirical World”

iii. ‘There are greater than 6,000,000,000 people living at any given time in the empirical world, you must be targeted by Texas Aerospace Surveillance to be a victim of these hideous crimes of torture that have nothing to do with NSA if you reside in the State of Texas’  Why the custodian of stored data is liable and the transfer over any state line is Felony............. See ORC complaint 2008 

 Somebody Saw It Coming..................... Say Something! 

iv. 'Texas State Sovereignty "State Rights State Rights State Rights (Perry Tea Party Treasonous Platform 2009)” as separate set of rules and imperatives or laws of the state  are all moot from the rest of the free world and  do not apply to the Subjects of Bush Perry intrusive torment and torture of united States Citizens living in Texas. We are not talking about the enemy.' 

v. Freedom of the Press a forgotten constitutional necessity
"Shall Post Bills And Petitions" Use A Big Chief Tablet and Number 4 Charcoal Pencil, Then Take to A Mechanical Print Shop!

vi. “The phrase ‘nonlethal weapon’ is an ambiguous term, all non-lethal weapons are bio lethal weapons, or Deadly”

vii. "There is a something called soul and a way to see it"

viii. Six Billion Human Beings have the potential of Omniscience, Omnipresent, Omnipotent that makes the big brother Orwellian lie a matter of fact. 

viii. Intrusive devices that enter your body or home is a violation of the United States Constitution and an egregious sin [Unforgivable - prosecution is the only solution].

∆ The People are the best intelligence

Meditation: “..The lord God Almighty knows the number of every grain of sand in the sea and every bird that falls from the air..” [by memory somebody stole the bible out of my library. You  don’t have to return it - try reading it.] 

My "Citation 'Burnt' Orange" the last threat I viewed in my own home of domicile by remote hacking, which is a felony - last week by hackers:

Most importantly: See scholarly article of the same name 'The Orwellian lie' when the Texas Tea Party ended in the fall 2009, resurrected from the depths of Hades the following years. I forget the author who describes the movement as a subject of deception by the elite using devices and media techniques outlawed 50 years ago by all states and the Federal Government. It's just electronics, have no fear they can be unplugged. 

The Bizarre Threat of Financial Decimation
Just think what i can do with two dollars in "me pocket"

"Try and take that dollar"

 Is it true elephants never forget?