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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Houston Se Authorized By Texas Gov. Rick Perry Digital Signature

Federal Law
Murder Attempts Bad Shots or 
Luck You Call It
Divine Intervention would be a better Phrase
August 13, 2014 

CRCL is now in violation of Federal law Private Security Firm Houston Se embeds drug Cartel indicators in South Texas Home Computers with Governor Rick Perry Authorized Digital Signature. DHS know who they  are don’t blame it on anyone outside ICE a subsidiary of BICE who acted like a corporation trafficking 
humans and drugs for decade before FF

We expect to see an arrest in public of those parties along with Texas Governor Rick Perry who endangered the lives of innocent Texas Citizens and blames it on the FBI.

Good examples 001 Drone Stalking as early as 2010

Good Example 002 Houston Se embeds drug Cartel indicators in South Texas Home Computers with Governor 
Rick Perry Authorized Digital Signature. Reported to the FBI.

Houston Se Authorized By Perry Digital Signature by @Arctotraveler on @LinkedIn