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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chapter 2: Privacy Why It Should Concern THEM!

It's Like A New Language 'The Big Beat' of the native drums

Chapter 2: We the People Are the Best Intelligence 

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I’m sharing my story with you 54 after I was born just in time to see the first men to travel to and back from the moon and witness the carnage of the technical age with regular nuclear detonations. On some occasions I would watch hydrogen bomb test explosions on our neighbor’s brand new RCA color TV, just before the Walt Disney Show aired.  

President Lyndon Johnson seemed to like scaring the daylights out of people with regular warnings of a nuclear attack until he decided, “I will not run for reelection as your President,” 

As if anybody really wanted him to be their president, especially if you still have living memory of an accidental nuclear detonation in your South Texas town. On November 13, 1963, at approximately 11:00 a.m., an accentual nuclear detonation shook the town of San Antonio, Texas. As it happened, President Kennedy was in San Antonio that day. The explosion broke windows 30 miles away on the north side of San Antonio. It was the only known accidental nuclear device detonation openly reported in the United States. 

Ten days later the story was overshadowed and largely forgotten when Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. 

Johnson became president and took total micro control of the military police action in South Vietnam. I believe the war would have ended within months instead of years by the diplomacy of John F. Kennedy had he lived to complete his term. 

There was also a near global nuclear launch triggered in 1982 that left many of us mistrustful of human judgment and with a strengthened belief in a common, everyday God as real as the invisible nose on your face but outside the peripheral perception. [60 Minutes Report was not valid 08/30/2014 He Who Owns His Own Library is King]

I tell my family and friends to stay clear of me on November 13, even to the extent of leaving town. In addition to the explosion that took place on that date, November 13 was the day in 1995 of the first Osama Bin Laden-financed terrorist bombing  that destroyed a federal building next where my now dearly departed wife, a Federal employee, was working. CNN reported on the bombing: 

Witnesses said the scene was chaotic right after the blast. Bystanders helped to load bleeding casualties into cars to be taken to hospitals. “We are seeing a lot of burns,” said a hospital spokesperson in Riyadh. Witnesses said the blast was felt across the city. “A huge explosion shook our building,” a Riyadh resident said. “It was like an earthquake.”“ 

I thought it was evident the attack on American ex-patriots occupying Saudi Arabia was planned financed and orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden, who I understand was the leader of a  group called the Islamic Movement for Change that claimed responsibility of the bombing. 

Evidently, President George W. Bush was unaware of this connection and retained ties to the Al-Qaida terrorist leader and his family for six more years. It makes a lot of sense that the 9/11 attack on New York would have never happened if our intelligence agencies had known what was common knowledge by people who witness the bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. However, nobody asked us. The Investigation of Al-Qaida’s first bombing is just one of many examples that prove people are the best intelligence. 

The consequences of going beyond the philosophical debate of water-boarding by the Bush Administration in 2001 made certain types of nonlethal torture legal in Texas. Academics at George Washington University created the distinction of two types of torture in America, legal and illegal. 

In the fall of 2006, I interpreted with vivid accuracy that I was under hyper-surveillance for human research at the local university where I was registered as a sophomore studying philosophy and anthropology. 

I did not give it much thought at the time, because I considered the research benign and strictly controlled by regulated protocols that protected the subject of research—in my case, a severely disabled student continuing his education in hopes of returning to some useful position in society. 

Although I was not an unwilling participant, I was not contractually bound to their observation of me. Nor did I have anything to hide and thought it interesting that I would be a candidate for the better good. 

Unfortunately, my classmate Mary began to withdraw and was no longer her normal happy self. I did not know that she too was a target of research even though she was not registered at the school. She always joined me when she could in an empty seat or just to enjoy the activities at the school such as art exhibits, plays, concerts, and open public discussion groups on any given subject. 

In my younger days, I spent a lot of time in my father’s primate laboratory where I actively participated in animal research. I thought much of it was cruel but also necessary in order to save future human lives.

We also followed strict protocols and went beyond the rules by making the animals as comfortable as possible during experimental surgeries such as transplanting organs on primates. My father’s lab was also used to experiment on cadavers but he never let me take part in those experiments. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that humans would be unknowingly experimented on and bring harm to the subject of the experiment.

Nevertheless, this is my story and it is as true as the experiments the Japanese performed on live Chinese prisoners of war, nerve gas tests on conscientious objectors drafted into the army, and as real as the LSD experiments on Afro-American heroin addicts in prison who were given a fix after being injected and observed. 

Mary’s condition became worse; she no longer came with me to the university, stopped eating, and finally stopped drinking liquid or communicating. Before her demise, she complained about being watched and that we had routine helicopter visits directly over our farm at low altitudes, but I was still in denial that anyone would be so interested in me and what I do. I guess working in primate experiments rationalized my belief that it would be beneath a university to knowingly harm the subjects of research. 

I finally called an ambulance; Mary was institutionalized and declared a ward of the state. I was told that she may never recover. Mary’s doctor told me that it would be probably better to just leave her there indefinitely, but love would not let me let her go. I spent every free hour at the San Antonio State Hospital, either visiting Mary or being assessed by a board psychiatrist or in some training class for certification as an official guardian for a ward of the State of Texas. After several months, I signed a guardian contract making me responsible for Mary’s care and could take her home. 

Like I said, I received all the signs that danger was lurking but I was in a state of denial and never expected that domestic surveillance would grow so big and go so far. Finally, after several clairvoyant slaps in the face, I acted on my premonitions, and went to the person’s office that had been trailing Mary and I along with what I called CUBIT gang members. 

CUBIT of Cubase was a scam program designed to protect the University from harsh discrimination fines from gangs stalking the disabled. It was developed by an attorney who had ties with Senator John Cornyn when he was Texas Attorney General from 1999-2002.

I knew nothing more about her except when she stuck her nose into this mystic’s business; a personal intrusion that I saw clearly in my mind’s eye every time she accessed a medical file, sent an email that concerned me, or talked about me on the phone.

Any clairvoyant worth his/her weight would never think of intruding into someone else’s life, but pity the person who is so bold to stick their noses into a clairvoyant’s business with bad intent. This is not the case of retribution but of self-preservation, usually ignored as a nuisance by the intruding party unless it is a continual bombardment of personal space. 

When it gets to the point where a group of people are surrounding you orchestrated by another, you have to intervene as nicely as you can before they bring harm to you or themselves.

I approached her office with caution and respect and sat down and said, “Look, I have been having a lot of problems here lately with my professors and I know that all my problems are coming from this office. After all, this is a university, not the gin mill down the street—smart people hang out here!” 

She jump to her feet in a frightened rage and ordered me out of her office immediately, which I was happy to do, confident she and the others would finally leave me be and mind their own business. Later, I filed a formal ADA complaint that simply said, “The University’s Quality Assurance Program was hard-wired to favorable responses.”

I also followed through with police reports that were destroyed. Months later, after some episodes of retaliation, I made additional complaints but the police again ignored them. This was in 2007 just after I returned from China after working there for two years and after the Virginia Tech massacre where Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and wounded 25 others. Like me he was a philosophy major. 

Finally, after all reasonable complaints of due process failed, I went to the University Administrator that had been working on my case and threatened that if the action did not stop, “There is a team of lawyers foaming at the mouth to get in here.” 

At the time I didn’t realize that was a big mistake because it made the school think I was suing for monetary damages when all I was trying to do was get my diploma and leave.

Little did I know that the Bush Administration had changed its attitude concerning disabled students and considered any lawyer pursuing such a claim a Commie or Socialist. Little did they know how they contributed to the rise in campus violence and deaths for not pursuing each case.

But why should they pursue my case? After all, I must be delusional, since I contacted the Secret Service right away because my top secret clearance dictated that I do so, and told them that our farm had been visited three times by the Secret Service and CIA, who threatened my elderly disabled father and our whole extended family. 

But they were not federal Secret Service agents; they were Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Secret Militia of mafia goons, misrepresenting themselves as the CIA. 

I did not know that the Texas Fusion Center I was contacting for help was Perry’s command and control center. You would think a clairvoyant like me would get a clue after replacing the eighth crushed mail box at the end of some dusty Texas dirt road every time I wrote letters requesting due process. 

On February 14, 2008 another mass shooting happened on the Northern Illinois University campus. Steven Kazmierczak killed five and injured 21 before committing suicide. I watched the television news thinking Kazmierczak went through the same thing I had; however, the hyper-surveillance drove him insane just as it did the Virginia Tech shooter. So being the oldest kid in the class I had to step-up and went to the local FBI office to explain what was going on.

Unbeknownst to me the university hosted the FBI Academy and billions of dollars for research had been allocated to the university for the Anti-Terrorism Domestic Surveillance Program mandated by George W. Bush and now I was the number one suspect. The retaliation and high tech surveillance only intensified and tracked me and anyone associated with me on and off campus. They accessed my personal computer, read every email, listened to every telephone call. 

To this day, I have not received a single reply from Governor Perry or Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, who was in command when Tricky Ricky was campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. How bizarre of a coincidence that David Dewhurst is running for U.S. Senator. Every time I see him on TV he brags that he was once employed by the CIA! 

Months later, I was still visiting Mary in the hospital and her condition seemed to worsen and she continued to complain about being watched, and reminded me on several occasions when I was being trailed on campus, but I ignored her stories only to realize at a much later date, even the helicopters flying over our farm were tracking our movements. It was hard to accept that Mary was telling the truth that we were both victims of human research outside of protocol and well outside terrorist threats. 

The act of being stalked was something Mary could see but I could not. If it were not for the election of Barack Obama and the hard work of his administration, I would be dead or doomed to prison for life along with many others, victims of a covert anti-terrorism domestic program that had gone completely out of control.

Let me make it clear to the uninitiated: top secret weapons are not a secret; they are controlled by our Senators in Congress who can approve or disapprove funding for these programs. Senators decide what programs will be used in their own state, that is why some states have laws against the use of bio-weapons and some like Texas do not! 

The problem is that the whole picture is not seen by the whole body of the Senate, or the President. The speed of new technical discoveries such as non-lethal weapons is so complex that our representatives must rely on the people they hire to help them understand. I believe in some cases the job is left to information toadies, who have total disregard for everything, other than their own paychecks! 

In truth, George W. Bush was a good president; however, he hired the wrong people. A great President puts his own opinions and beliefs to the side and tries to surround himself with the most honorable and brightest of minds America has to offer. Being President means relying on our representatives in Congress. 

The problem with the use of non-lethal weapons of the mind is not just an American phenomenon or something that occurs in a back alley of a third world country. Non-lethal weapons of the mind are a global concern.

However, in America we elect who represents us in the Senate. Think hard before voting for a Texas GOP Senator such as David Dewhurst or Ted Cruz whose principles are to govern the will of the people by any means. 

However it is FBI Director Robert S. Mueller who should answer for crimes against Mary and me. As FBI director he is mandated to:

  1. Protect the United States from terrorist attacks; 
  2. protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage; 
  3. protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes
  4. combat public corruption at all levels; 
  5. protect civil rights; 
  6. combat transnational/national criminal organizations and enterprises
  7. And combat major white-collar crime. 

Fortunately, some Texans have come forward putting themselves at risk of more abuse, to insure fellow citizens are aware of the hazards, protect themselves by any means, and resolve harmful events of the past by reporting damages to the United States Attorney General.