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Friday, August 29, 2014

Investigations Are Like Alcoholism

Not To A Material Witness
Why Should I Investigate What is Known?
Hackers' Fired From Texas Fusion Centers 
Tracking Protected Witnesses 

"Investigations Are Like Alcoholism. It All Depends on Who you're Drinking with”

'And What you Are Drinking'

So that limits the technical breach of where I was having my lunch yesterday. I want you to find the little geek and put him, her, or them in jail.

This case ain't bad, the sick puppies will tell you the most intemenant things that go on in in you own home's on toilet! Or give you a direct Death Threat but not in this case.
Example: Direct Death Threat Email

by Holmes - Find Them, then Arrest and Fingerprint the breachers before they hurt somebody.