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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chapter 11: Privacy 'Where did all those Billions go?' Why It Should Concern THEM

Privacy Why It Should Concern The Republican GOP?
Where did all those Billions go?

"Suspensions are on the rise as Private Security Firm Incorporation's, who account for the majority of spending for National Security Intelligence, could very well be bias to a point of retaliating against an Obama administration that is working hard to build safeguards by regulating Wall Street from another GOP Republican Global Economic Crisis!”  

As reported in headline news by the Associated Press on July 5, 2011: “Private detective in UK tabloid hacking scandal issues apology in Guardian newspaper.” 

The contracting of private security firms by governments has been going on since the 1950s usually in a bodyguard capacity, but after the 9/11 Patriot Act they have been authorized to access information from the Department of Defense. 

Is the United States Secret Service now a private corporation with the rights of a person? I don’t know about you, just the idea is scary to me and explains a lot about the problems with breaches of classified federal government information and privacy intrusion of private citizens without due cause or regards to civil liberties. 

According to the Associated Press,
 “Yet the hacking case involving 13-year-old Milly Dowler has horrified everyone; from British Prime Minister David Cameron to movie stars to people who commented on Twitter. 

“(It is) shocking that someone could do this, knowing that the police were trying to find this person and trying to find out what had happened,” Cameron said while on a trip to Afghanistan. Why is it, when private security firms get into trouble we call them private detectives; however, when private detectives are subsidized by the government, which is a mega-money expenditure in the balance of the federal budget, we call them private security firms” as if they had the powers of the CIA or FBI. Could this be why classified information once reserved for the CIA and FBI is now shared with private security firms assimilated to the street level, motivated as corporations for profit and not results? 

In this case, it was only human to do anything possible to find a missing child; however, it shows that private security firms have the capacity to hack with high tech equipment in the UK, so we can say the same for the United States. The incorporation of private security firms should enhance our national security and we should always be wary; especially with such a strong market of manufactures of domestic surveillance devices and private security firms to use those ease dropping devices. 

Suspensions are the rise when private security firms Incorporations who account for the majority of spending for national security intelligence, could very well be bias to a point of retaliating against an Obama administration that is working hard to build safeguards by regulating Wall Street. 

The U.S. stock market biggest comeback was from the investment in private security firms and manufactures of domestic surveillance equipment. A recent example was the purchase of multimillion dollar surveillance radar equipment that penetrates steel to check for illegal Hispanic trafficking taken from the budget of Texas disable services; just investigated for trafficking disabled students in open public to slave farms across Texas State lines to Missouri. This was an authorized budget adjustment by Rick Perry to Digital Ally Incorporated.

After the backroom deal, a news release in 2006 revealed: “John Ashcroft and William S. Sessions Join Digital Ally, Inc. Advisory Board Former U.S. Attorney General, Former Fbi Director Bring Valuable Experience To Company’s Pursuit Of Strategic Objective [2006].” 

The Obama Administration terminated the Bush administration NAO domestic surveillance policy of 2006 in June 2009. Last week media announced a new “Laser Focus” policy. No longer do the finest of American Patriots have to stay indoors crouching from fear of an ominous eye in the sky or be weary of a peak from the neighbors Venetian blinds. Responsible adults can now use the Internet freely without fear on being targeted by political right wing extremist who cries wolf or terrorism to bring harm to fellow citizens or to distort relations with bordering countries to promote their extremist right wing ideologies and fleece the government by wasteful spending under the guise of National Security at the State level. 

National Security does not rest in the powers of the State but in the powers of the Federal Government God Bless America! 
The Christen Monitor Journalist Howard LaFranchi Reports today, John Brennan, President Obama’s chief counter terrorism adviser, in a speech Wednesday in Washington corrected a student’s question “We intentionally do not use ‘global war on terror’ We’re in a war with Al Qaida.” 

We now can all rest with ease and move about freely while maintaining a high alert of watchfulness under the protection of due cause and civil rights at the street level while information that is collected by the Federal Agencies by any means necessary will not be used to intimidate, retaliate, or used against you at the State level including political adversaries expressing their opinions in media or social networks useless you’re an actual National Security Threat. A threat is described as “promoting violence or succumb to Al Qaida’s hateful ideology.” According to the Christian Science Monitor report: 

"The new strategy will focus on such adherents inside the US, whom Brennan described as “individuals, sometimes with little or no direct physical contact with Al Qaeda, who have succumbed to its hateful ideology.” 

Among the examples Brennan gave was the November 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage, allegedly carried out by an Army major shouting “God is great” in Arabic. 

A key component of Obama’s counter-terrorism strategy will be a renewed emphasis on building “strong partnerships between government and communities here at home, including Muslim and Arab American” communities, said Brennan, who chose Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies to make his remarks. 

Most importantly, is the engagement between government and communities which allows all American Patriots to join forces against those that promote violence of Al Qaeda’s hateful ideology, which is the duty of every American to protect our freedoms and democracy. The Monitor did not elaborate on the ways and means to build stronger partnerships, so until the plan is announced, just pick up the phone and call the 9/11 for emergencies of your local police department and file a report just like any responsible citizen would do. 

The Ominous fear of being watched by our own government is now replaced by a sense of duty as participation in or an extension of the National Security network as the eyes and ears in your local communities against those who use violence as a way to promote hateful extremist ideologies We are not being watched, we are watching them! 

Howard LaFranchi Report, is rich with other details concerning the change in approach to National Security threats, by all means I recommend reading the full article with emphasis on the Obama’s administration “Laser Focus” that replaces the counter terrorism strategy of 2006 with a new policy to strengthen our security and protect us from National Security Threats Stay vigilant and participate as the extension or the eyes and ears of our National Security Defense! 

As United States Citizens it has always been our duty to be Vigilant or Keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties; however, our individual participation is especially important now while the treat is still real, especially at a time of war! 

The Bush Administration in 2006, authorized the sharing of any information collected by any means with Law Enforcement and Civilian private security firms including intrusive equipment by Satellite or any surveillance devices not limited to electronic equipment. 

These devices have been abused by Texas leadership which includes but not limited to Internet censorship, behavioral political control networks, and harmful biological or electronic devices that are classified; however, exist and have been used against targeted peaceful political adversaries, retaliation, illegal gathering of investigative information, threatening intimidation, black list, employment to buy votes, hacking, and human behavioral experiments that have caused harm and injury to unknown numbers of Texas Citizens. 

Fortunately, some Texans have come forward putting themselves at risk of more abuse, and by all means protect themselves and unresolved unexplained harm by reporting damages to the Attorney General. We have yet to hear from the Texas Attorney General; nor will our district attorneys take our allegations seriously, because of the firm grip Texas Political leaders have over the Justice Department. 

Supporting documentation is available in public domain titled “Satellite Surveillance: Domestic Issues” which questions violations of civil liberties of illegal searches not only from Satellite Surveillance but from any surveillance device or equipment and the sharing of the information between the Department of Defense and law enforcement authorized by the Bush Administration. 

 “In May 2007, the DNI designated DHS as the executive agent and functional manager of what was designated as a National Applications Office (NAO). There was, however, no public notice of the establishment of the new office at that time.” 

“Inside the United States (as well as abroad), DOD support for law enforcement agencies is authorized in accordance with chapter 18 of title 10, U.S. Code. Section 371 specifically authorizes the Secretary of Defense to share information acquired during military operations, and encourages the armed forces to plan their activities with an eye to the production of incidental civilian benefits. Under sections 372 through 374, DOD, DOD personnel are permitted to provide training and expert advice to civilian law enforcement personnel, and may conduct maintenance on equipment it provides.” 

“The Bush Administration delayed the establishment of the NAO and provided an opportunity for further congressional consideration of the issues involved but took steps to establish the NAO for some purposes even before important legal issues were resolved. Having conducted a review of the issue, the Obama Administration terminated the NAO [June 2009], but has not provided detailed information about current procedures for the domestic use of satellites for domestic purposes.” 

In my opinion and from personal experience based on tangible evidence, the Obama administration terminated NAO in June 2009 in order to protect all citizens of the United States and who are aboard from such abuses which allowed many leaders of state legislative and executive offices from using the threat of terrorism, trafficking, or threat of human lives as a harmful political control by the act of “Crying Wolf” to justify such intrusive harmful behavior to retain political power by those of public trust, not to mention the fleecing of our nations coffers. 

Most importantly, the breach of classified information to police and civilians has made us vulnerable by attacks within and without the boundaries of the United States. What was once reserved by the CIA and FBI has been assimilated to the police operating at the community level exposing classified information in public domain and used to breach our borders as moles within police departments. 

The most recent revelation is the three employees of America’s self-proclaimed toughest sheriff, Joe Arapio of the Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff’s office, involved in human and drug trafficking and a Texas Sheriff sentence to ten years for drug trafficking. 

Logical reasoning leads us to at least two problems with information breaches at the community level that aids in such corruption. The Bush Administrations authorization to share information between the Department of Defense in 2006 and the incorporation of private security firms starting first in Texas as the model of a failed experiment in “Top Secret America” posted by the Washington Post that answers the question “Where did all those Billions go?” 
See Top Secret America article at this link 

Suspensions are on the rise as Private Security Firm Incorporation's  who account for the majority of spending for National Security Intelligence, could very well be bias to a point of retaliating against an Obama administration that is working hard to build safeguards by regulating Wall Street from another Republican “Global Economic Crisis!”