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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Privacy in Conclusion: A Gift To You The Republican GOP Political Machine

How Serious It? The GOP Needs An Overhaul! 

The Republican GOP Political Machine

"Any machine, no matter how well-built, periodically needs a tune-up to keep it in good working order," Bush said. "Now that we have the bugs worked out of the ol' Constitution, she'll be purring like a kitten when Congress reconvenes in January—just in time to work on a new round of counterterrorism legislation."

Bill Of Rights Pared Down To A Manageable Six
NEWS • Crime & Justice • ISSUE 38•47 • Dec 18, 2002

WASHINGTON, DC—Flanked by key members of Congress and his administration, President Bush approved Monday a streamlined version of the Bill of Rights that pares its 10 original amendments down to a "tight, no-nonsense" six.

As supporters look on, Bush signs the Bill Of Rights Reduction And Consolidation Act.

A Republican initiative that went unopposed by congressional Democrats, the revised Bill of Rights provides citizens with a "more manageable" set of privacy and due-process rights,15/