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Saturday, August 3, 2013

What is so upsetting?

It's All Elementary or Telemetry 

Using Window Word is not writing it is Typesetting.  If you are a content producer be your lot in life as a researcher, searcher, creative writer with thousands of readers and you find yourself  working for those professionals who cannot produce content such as editors, typesetters, printers ect… you are not alone.  It is like letting the credit card company going paperless as you replace their data entry clerks unpaid! The credit card company should pay you for doing their data entry.

Sure, it is not nice to put labels or to categorize people in boxes such as editors, some are well known writers and many more are well known plagiarizers. 

Never-the-less, computer applications are supposed to work for you; you are not supposed to work for a computer applications. Unless you like games, then who am I to tell you how to act?

Satellite  Telemetry
What Is Going Inside Your Brain

Then are those things out of our control like satellite telemetry or what is going on inside your brain and it is not the higher power you pray it might be!