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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meet The Press® ‘NSA Does Good Job of Sharing with Law Enforcement’

"What a bunch of crap is coming through"
See Texas Fusion Center Report Below
Texas Rick Perry Linked To - Real Murders , Real People, Real Abuse or Why it Should Concern You!
That Is the Problem
Investigations Are like Alcoholism
"It All Depends On Who You Are Drinking With!"
1. Misrepresentation of Medical Records (At the time and  University law - all students with a disability were included as people with mental illnesses, which is false.)

2. Medical Records Breach (Used for Targeting and demoralization, Includes breach to a foreign entity in India doing research of disabled adults with mental illness but my disability was limited mobility)

Federal Manipulation Denied Valid Va Claim
Brain Injury Drunk Driver DOA University Health Systems 1973

3. Reduce Financial Aid (ORC Complaint 06-09-0441)
4. Access to Programs Denied (Paid $5,000.00 To register with another University the University of Houston, while I was a victim of International Stalking Retaliation of a Disabled Veteran by an agent from UTSA paid for by Federal funds. They paid the stalkers way but not mine!)
5. Police Discrimination (FBI Special Agent Mario Villa 210-225-6741 San Antonio Texas Police Report Number 2007-304B)
6. Disability Office secretly meets with all my professors
7. Staff aids assigned as my classmates to report my behavior to the NCHRM model and Cubase or CUBASS
8. Behavioral Assessment by counselors and staff as if I were a dangerous threat
9. Mistreatment by third party business
10. Transfer of Medical Privacy Information to a foreign entity
11. State and Federal Student Aid Inquires to third party government agency ordered not to answer
12. Stalked by Drone

13. Stalked by Armed Domestic Helicopter (three killed last 4 months and Texas is the only state that they are armed)

14. Hit by a bio-lethal electronic device

September-October 2012

15. The control of device in our house such as electricity and television programs used for psychological testing and behavioral control; controlled from a remote location.
16. Loss of a small business
17. Police Swatting
18. Retaliating visits(s) from Human Health Services
19. Five years of my entire extended family being stalked and retaliation
20. Domestic surveillance of our home
21. Sneak and peak searches of our home and small business
22. Corruption of my business web pages due to political and religious beliefs

Chorological Allegations and Reporting Agencies who rendered little aid 
over a five year period

i. Department of Homeland Security OIG
1(a) Case Numbers C1307209 Friday March 15 2013
Includes Stalking by Deadly Force Aerospace and home intrusions
1(b) Drone Stalking at low altitude
1(c) Follow up on original case of Stalking abuse of the disables
1(d) Original complaint contained in number 2 and previous complaint followed with the office of Victims of crimes International Terrorism Complaint (Published in newspaper)
1(e) Complaint Against the Department of Education OCR Failed to protect us from retaliation or investigate properly
2. Multiple counts of low stalking by deadly force domestic helicopters
2(a) Case Numbers C1307206 Friday March 15, 2013
2(b) CIA and Secret Service Threatened by family 3 times in 2008
A matter of court record Blanco County Texas April 2009 and openly testified in court that they performed illegal search and seizures and assimilated classified information to the judge in the court
ii. Police Complaints
1. Bexar County Police 911 Phone Call Stalking and Retaliation UTSA
1(a) Missing complaint Number Stalking of a disabled ward in my care on and off the UTSA campus April 2009 (If you need it I can go and get it)
2. Somerset Police Secret Service Came to our farm 3 time and threatened us
3. Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office
3(a) 12-04270 June 18, 2012
3(b) 12-04429 June 26, 2012
3(c) 12-05580 September 13, 2012
3(d) 09-01374 March 16, 2009

III. Human Health Services Complaints
1. Case Number umbrella of all cases above. No. ___Referred To Your Office___________________
We request that you pursue this case to the fullest extent of the law without retaliating against us again and provide a letter that we can sue the State of Texas and any party involved because of retaliation and the failure of due process.

Gregory O’Dell

Suzanne Cash