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Saturday, August 3, 2013

What was important about “The Test Tube Girl” 1940's

The Development of the High Energy Gun

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Texas Yellow Sky

Patton, Frank. "The Test Tube Girl." Amazing Stories January 1942 Special Giants Issue with 244 Pages. 1st ed. Vol. 16. Chicago: Better Publications Incorporated, 1942. 8+. Print.

Pg 8 "Professor Eamaus T. Whittacker, of the Dowling Institute of Military Technology, experimenting with sub-electronic radiations in ekauranium, discovered and ultra-short microwave of much shorter length than the gama rays he was examining " 

Pg 11"Hitler, faced with an impasse, his armies held at bay the Russian Bear, and by a Britain made powerful through American aid, introduced a weapon his scientists had deemed too terrible to use. It was a great ray-cannon which was an out growth of the electroguns which generated an electrical beam thin as hair, but deadly as a lightning bolt."

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